Slim, Bucket, Wasteland, Markov


Anyone tried this comp? it seems cool to me.


Sadly, Slim is worthless when there are no shields nearby :slight_smile: And Bucket really doesn’t give enough area denial to warrant an actual threat to any good monster player. Wasteland Maggie has had her days, I muchly prefer vanilla. Not a big fan of Markov, but out of these four he is definitely the most solid.


I can see what you are trying to do, I would say that comp is great against Wraith, but that’s it.

Bucket’s sentry turrets and Markov’s mines can easily be destroyed by a fire breath, lava bomb, acid spit. Therefore that comp is not really recommended against other monsters.

Like @StartSwimming said, you need to protect slim as he is the glue of the team with some defensive support such a sunny or (tech) hank.

It is also possible to do a comp with slim, cabot, torvald and abe. Even if slim goes down, you can punish the monster hard if he decides to stay camping on the body. Abe’s stasis grenades will slow the monster down while dealing good damage with his shotgun. Cabot and torvald doesnt need explaining.


Bucket it not in a good support spot since he is trapper based, meaning his UAV is useless in combat.

Cabot would be better since he has his damage amp, so he can do faster damage meaning the monster dies faster resulting in less mitigation the medic needs to do.

That being said, Slim is a wannabe tank. He cannot outheal the damage being done by monster, nor has good mitigation tools.

WMags does not have enough CC to protect slim who has no mitigation tools of his own.

Markov is not the best assault, and only his mines would make or break him. Any monster other than Wraith will destroy his mines or avoid them altogether.

Overall, this comp involves non-meta hunters with some relying on other hunters for proper use as well as teamwork. Maybe once Bucket gets his UAV replaced in TU9 and a shield burst he could enter meta. Markov and Slim needs to be swapped out for RVal and Hyde. I’d even swap out WMags for OG Mags for more CC, which is better for RVal mitigation as well as keeping monster still for bucket’s turrets.


Yep, I prefer to play OG Maggie than Wasteland Maggie simply because she is more skill based. I love me some Griffin though too. Those clutch harpoons is what makes me love him so much, along with a fast weapon.

A DoT comp is also very good, using Rogue Val, Hyde, Wasteland Maggie and Cabot. Just have to have a team that knows how to juke a bit, because this team excels the longer you can stay in combat.


Wasteland does damage though the purpose is to drain monster health before he can down anyone.


If you want to drain monsters health fast, Cabot is much more appreciated than Bucket.


But that’s why you have Cabot and Rval though. The problem is that the monster will either run during a dome or try and get a down. If you can delay him from getting a down or running the whole dome is more damage than just the pure damage you’re looking for.

WMag’s snare also isn’t good for helping her to mitigate also. Mags has better reload, arm time, and harpoon amount whereas WMags has longer reload, longer arm, and only 1. Wmags would be the weakest link because monster can focus her and bring down the dome. OG Mags will offer more support to that problem with her 3 harpoons.


Mad mags mitigates almost as well as Maggie she’s definently the second best at mitigating after Jacks nerf. Saying she’s bad at mitigating is saying all trappers are bad at it.


All right, imagine the following scenario. You are being chased by the big bad Monster as Maggie and decide to roach by going around a pillar, jetpack up and down the pillar, and so on.

Now, wasteland maggie puts one trap down, catches the monster (which he destroys) and eventually hits you before you were able to put the next.

OG Maggie however already placed two harpoons around the pillar and one on top, delaying the monster more effectively as she gets more time to place new harpoons (in contrary to Wasteland who can only put one at a time)


@XplosionIncorporated @flamand_quebec13 @StartSwimming

Don’t talk down bucket just cause you’ve played with bad buckets, hes a GOD among GODs


in the right hands you mean? Still, I haven’t seen great Bucket play in a while. @kiNgOwL, you care to share some footage of the “God among Gods”? :wink:


Markov mines and bucket turrets and active healing if you go down while roaching with a slim in the comp as trapper you aren’t playing very well or the monster is a god. Or the monster loses all of his health.


a good bucket requires a team that can dodge, you can’t say bucket is an area of denial support… hes a mdafkin assault with rockets thats what he is…

Im good bucket player ill wrek u



I say that he sucks now because his UAV us useless in combat. Once TU9 drops and he gets ability CR I believe he will be the strongest support. Medic can then outheal monster damage making shields seem like cardboard armor compared to the heals.

But AS OF NOW he is the worst overall support. If you can’t play and win with him without your friends, then my point still stands.


What nerf? The capacity one? I thought it was supposed to be an adjustment since the recharge rate was cut more than half. I haven’t played evolve for months so I may be wrong to think it helped him.


Technically it’s just a rework but the full capacity was much more useful than the reload speed.


Ill have to hop on see this.


The problem is that…

#1 Slim is useless without Hank or Sunny

#2 Buffket is buffket, he doesn’t have shields or nothing, just there to harass the monster with guns and missiles.

#3 Wasteland is not really a problem, just that the nerfs that she got, Maggie is kinda better.

#4 Markov’s damage output is weak compared to the others. His LG will however be buffed in TU 9 and pass Hydes Flame Thrower damage which is nice.

Overall, kind of meh. Put Hank in the mix and Blitz, you got yourselfs a winning team