Slim + Bucket = unkillable

Kill Bucket first?..

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I just beat slim+bucket combo as wraith ^_^, wraith is awesome now,
just be patient they will nerf slim again

If you are playing against a well coordinated team, don’t expect it to be a cakewalk no matter the comp. people expect all matches to be pubstomps nowadays smh


Well with this team it’s a pure dps race, mechanized recharge allow you to double the amount of time you will survived before getting a strike. and have to deal enought damage to force the monster to flee.
And usually, the monster will get that strike, but he will pay for it.
A good monster can get through it, but the thing is, you’re not forced to focused bucket, every hunter will get the same help from Slim and Bucket not matter what you do (Still focus the assault is a bad idea with double matrix)

I found Bucket way more usefull compared to other support because support is the primary target in a lot of case (or medic if there is a Kala or a Cabot) but Bucket is in the middle ground, his mechanized recharge is a huge defensive tool that can help everyone (not like Hank or Sunny, shieldburst, infinite roaching but that’s it, and usually they can’t damage while doing that) and have decent auto damage via turret to contribute even when focused.

I know i fight you a couple of time using that comp, and you said you were far below our level. Truth is, you did good but not enought, and I can say it was far from easy on our side. It’s strong but not unbeatable and every hunter on the team need to do their job really well, mechanized recharge is a one time “save your ass”, not like a Hank or a Sunny.

And for the use of others medics, RVal and QCaira don’t worth the pick outside of fun match in custom. Fun but non competitive, that’s it. Even Laz who is still in his weird place between the garbage and the noob stomper.
Caira is okish, but i still think she doesn’t need an extra grenade, but better self-healing. Val is still good with a Sunny.
And Papa is in a good place yes. Slim is… Slim.

100% this.

Nothing more to add here.

Slim/Bucket is not a big problem, but playing vs a well coordinated team is.

Best thing that can happen is if you get qued against 4x1k hours player who are solo queueing. That know their role too.
It is just impossible to win against them no matter what comp.

Movementspeed, Jetpackrecharge and 2k health for everybody. Have fun. :slight_smile:


Lol, who picks Bucket with Slim? You might as well pick RVal with him. :grinning:

If slim goes down with bucket all that happens is bucket mech recharges and slim shakes it off and stands back, while healing the entire team to full health and then bucket shield.
It’s a nasty comp.

It’s a situational comp at best.

Judging by what I’m hearing of Slim’s HPS it sounds like he’d be a better fit for what they tried to do with Emet when S2 first launched. Low healing per burst, but rapid bursts to make up for the weaker heal per burst. I can’t remember the numbers that Slim’s putting out per burst atm, but I can see that being the eventual end goal for Slim.

Ok its a one reset button comp, still if anyone except bucket goes down first it’s still going to set the dome back to starting position for the hunters while monster has probably lost all armor just getting that first down.
It’s not op but used right it’s dn effective.

Be that as it may. I’ve managed to take down Slim + Bucket as Behemoth. I don’t really see it as an effective comp seeing as Bucket only really can help himself and the assault due to Slim resetting his own cooldowns.

With auto hb now slim sets 3 or 4 with the mech charge.
It’s not a mega comp unless the players know how to do it and when to time it

Mecha Recharge with Slim heals less than, I believe, any other recharged medic (except RVal and Paladin since they only heal themselves). Slim’s HB is 160 and the next highest is EMET with 300, and EMET benefits a lot more because of his already small cooldown. So the only real benefit I see from Bucket is the extra shield burst.

Only in theory.

In practice, it heals Slim to full.

I’m not saying it’s not infuriating. I’m just saying it’s not the worst thing Slim could be paired with.

Is funny that the OP write his post like if people cared… Dude there is a million games out there, if this is not your thing, move to the next one. This game requires skills and we all prefer it that way.

That didn’t work tho…why do you think they changed that.

Way I see it, Slim and Emet are 2 completely different styles, as it were. What didn’t work for Emet could very well work for Slim.

I think he is fine where he is. Some people just want it easy.

I am not afraid of skill cap,I know this game is difficult. But this is another level. Why slim is picked almost in every match ? Even bot slim doing a great job at healing. Shooting and autoheal…wow! so much need of skill here…

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