Slim + Bucket = unkillable

Short topic. Either you remove slim from the game or you are losing more monsters. Especially when you see Slim + Bucket. It’s unkillable combo. Doesn’t matter the rest of the team comp. Who do you focus ? Slim ? he’s unkillable. Buckets double shield+Slim adrenal glands. So it goes for Bucket. IF you focus him. He gets healing from slim and double shiled. :slight_smile: ez,gg !
When you implemented this…new slim…gosh…you messed it up ! HOw often you see other medics ? Haven’t saw Val,Rogue,Emet,Caira(btw she’s ok),Q.Caira only new guys use her. P.Parnell used a lot,but he’s ok in terms of balance. Do something with him. Return his heal burst MANUAL. Make automatic only for console players !


Removing Slim is not an option. Bad idea


Try Slim Hank next xD


I tried. It’s ok.

With Slim/Bucket you have to make them pop Mechanized Recharge, after that hammer one of them. Easier said than done but I prefer Slim/Bucket to Slim/Hank


sigh for the last time they aren’t removing slim from the game!

They have worked so hard on him!

Threats won’t work :slight_smile:

They didn’t mess up they tried something new and I like the new slim

His healing is a little powerful tho


Why yes. When they used it all then ok,you good to go,but this happens in the dome and you probably left with half health :slight_smile: By the way you can’t burst through,because of the constant healing and constant shielding :slight_smile: Only Elder Kraken can. And even then you lose a LOT of hp bars,because you take full offensive perks.

That’s not a threat,just fact,I already made a post " MOnster vs Hunters"
They didn’t mess up they tried something new and I like the new slim

His healing is a little powerful tho…

A little…man are you hugh ? have you played recently ? :smiley:

Are you trying to insult me :thinking: cause it ain’t working mate

I just beat a slim bucket sorry just saying


You’re right, problem solved. Someone close this !

OT, focus Bucket. Once he uses his Mechanised Recharge, beat on him like there is no tomorrow.

Threads won’t be closed unless the OP requests it or if the thread gets out of hand :slight_smile:

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eh…those guys had ~1k hours ? If that’s right I want to shake your hand

No,that wasn’t an insult. Just showing the obvious :slight_smile:

Alright well it sounded like one sorry for jumping to conclusions

How many matches have you played against a slim bucket combo and lost?

There is still an expectation that Slim’s healing will be nerfed further, also if you are playing a team of random que hunters they have substantial solo que buffs that will help a medic like Slim seem even stronger.

I would take slim bucket over slim hank or sunny comp. Seriously bucket can only pop mech once and after that bucket does nothing. Also go in a private game and see how much slim heals if he is not shooting the monster during the mech recharge, its pathetic.

I played a lot . But when I play versus premade team the chances are like 10 % chance of win.
Most of the time solo players get rekt,because of miscomunication. But if those solo players are veterans,then have mercy :slight_smile:

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YEs,but do you know how much damage doing turrets + his rocket launcher ? A lot ? And you just messing around. Kll bucket or turrets.

Where can I get these unkillable characters? The ones I have seen to be broken. I want the invulnerable ones that everyone else seems to have! :slight_smile: