Slim appreciation/discussion thread


Hey guys! I don’t think I’ve seen any general Slim discussion threads, and I wanted to share some strategic ideas I had come up with regarding our bug-human Medic.

I’ve heard people mentioning that he’s gonna be in the same boat as Laz (good at low levels, bad with skilled monsters because of his “limited” healing), but I really disagree. I see him as a pseudo-Caira; focusing on bursts of healing at a time, and that heal drone just gives him even more healing power. (By the way, if the forum’s come up with a nickname for the drone, please tell me; I heard there was a shield drone name thread a while back :D)

What’s gonna separate pub-level Slims (who probably won’t do too well) from good, competitive-level Slims is the usage of the heal drone. It heals someone until they get hit, right? So, if someone’s low, Slim pops the drone on someone that isn’t getting focused, and he gets a bit of healing in. Yes, good monsters will learn how to counter this, but if the monster’s far enough away from the drone-healed player, it’ll definitely help. And by then, the monster’s wasted some time, not attacking people, but traversing toward the drone. Slim would be able to leech gun his burst up, and heal the team back up. Repeat the process, and Slim’s got some good healing in.

So yeah, any feedback on this strategy or others is definitely appreciated. Also, for whatever reason, I think his drone is absolutely adorable, lol.


Yeah, at first I thought slim was about to be another Lazarus. But then you take the fast healing burst into consideration and it could be quite effective, but the thing is that you need to do damage to any creature including the monster to keep healing. The drone looks effectively when the team just had a rough fight and the monster just fled. The drone could also work in the battlefield, but it won’t work to its fullest potential. I suggest in this case to have the group separate in order to have a chance to get healed.

People are claiming that he’s OP, but keep in mind slim is 4th tier and DLC content. He must be worth the cost.


Well, the fast heal bursts probably don’t heal much, though. Yeah, the drone probably won’t do to well in fights, but it’s still a bit extra. And that spore cloud thingo? Ooooo, that’s gonna get annoying for the monster.


The heal burst isn’t that great, but as long as you’re restoring it then you’re alright. The spore cloud is going to be amazing. Just imagine the monster is sniffing and he’s about to evolve but he thinks he’s in a safe area, things will get rough.


Slim will be fine, he wont be a noob-friendly character and he will get focused easily, his heal burst sucks, I literally could not tell if he was healing with it and his healing drone I counterable. I’m just gonna have to get my hands on him for further judgment. the only true godly thing in his kit is the spore launcher( much like val)


If the burst sucks, then it’ll be buffed. The devs listen to the community regarding stuff like this. The drone is definitely countable, I just believe it can be useful in combat. But yeah, I’m really excited to try him out, since I main medic.


Slim is probably about to take my favorite hunter spot, and im about to list the reasons why.

Unique, like Bucket. Once a human but no longer, Slim is also incredibly lore heavy without even being released. Just like Sunny

WINGS, mother fucker.

Slims healing mechanic is also sweet. Gun that charges Heal Burst? Fuckin yes please. On top of that he has a dope little buddy that provides health regen.

I see people saying his heal burst is garbage, but it charges WAY faster, has like 2X as much range for a little less then normal. Heal Burst always effects the medic less than others so you can’t really heal yourself like Caira but better then Val or Laz in sustainability.

Every medic has some sort of control gear. Tranq, Self cloak, speed aura. Slim has the smell grenade thing. Idk about you but I feel blind without my smell as the monster. Also from what I remember in the game play it looks like a badass WWII grenade launcher. Classic noob tube style

The fact that his weapon is a shotty is ehhh. Why so many shotguns? I guess assualt rifles only exist where Markov is from. Still I’m gonna blast that leech all over the monster.

Use that Heal Burst anytime anyone one is hurt, and if not heal yourself. All the time, keep firing, keep bursting, don’t stop

Call the drone Shady, or Jim


I agree, for a sci-fi game I’m kind of annoyed at how many shotguns and conventional guns are in the kits. Wouldn’t hurt to throw in a Plasma Rifle or Autocannon into the mix.


I initially found it odd that out of 12 people only one has a futuristicish AK47. Seems like all the sweet weapons are reserved for Support and maybe Assault sometimes


Wouldn’t Markov’s Lightning Gun kinda be considered a Plasma rifle? I think Lightning is considered a form of plasma…but I could be wrong.


I totally agree with you; hunters that are outside of the normal “human” classification are fantastic for lore purposes! And lol yeah there are a lot of shotguns…I kinda feel like there could be more variety, but it’s not too big of a deal.


Yea probably but we have like one cool lightning gun but like 4 shotgun weapons.


Lets not forget Crow’s long rifle in the futuristic sense.


Meh, honestly to those above claiming that slim’s heal (will not/isn’t) that great… put it this way, slim is capable of standing near 3 downed allies, spamming the leech gun to death over the monster (while button mashing 4) AND reviving his 3 allies AT THE SAME TIME


That and the heal drone heals who ever is not targeted by the monster. So if the monster is focusing medic, the medic has more chances to hit heal burst because the leach gun is a shot gun in a sense and the heal drone is doing its job. Attacking Slim is not the greatest option.


Wait, does the healing drone move around? From what I’ve been seeing as Slim, it sticks to whoever it’s originally assigned to.


I like slim. Caira still is the ultimate healer, but I do like slim’s cloud spore because its so useful. The healing burst is about 50% weaker so that makes him a bit hard to heal himself. I think he’s a very useful character overall.

Rating on slim: 8/10


I like how Slim promotes an aggressive play-style; I find Caira boring, but I adore Slim.


you say that, but I have yet to see a Caira who can facetank a kraken with tier 3 abilitites at stage 3 and 75% total cooldown reduction… while slim on the otherhand, just did it…


How? If he barely heals the team. I always get 9000-12000 healing points with caira.

Caira has beaten so much krakens. I wonder why you used “kraken”