Slim and Maggie look like this and I don't know why

Image looks blank on my screen. Not sure about anyone else. :confused:

yep sorry first time I use Steam screenshot and I didn’t knew where it was saved. My bad :sweat_smile:

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That’s weird. :smile:

It looks similar to the bug in this topic.

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Oh, they’re missing their textures. I had this happen once. It’s probably because the gane didn’t properly load the texture packet.

and…what should I do?

Looks neat.

How often does it happen or was this the only time?

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You can’t really do anything sadly. It’ll look like that for the rest of the game. It should fix itself once you play another game though.

I played 5-6 matches by now and this bug was permanently there

I even tried to restart the PC but that didn’t solved the problem

@ArPharazon can we get some help?

Have you tried to verify integrity?

Edit: That’s where I’d start.


Did you verify the cache?

ummm…the cache?

Here you go. :slight_smile:

Edit: Let us know if it works if you could.

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What’s your graphics card?

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I think I know…

Thank you @Jedi_Warrior that solved the problem :smiley:


No problem. Let either myself or another mod or leader know if the issue comes back and we can open this topic back up for you. :slight_smile:

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Problem has been solved. :slight_smile: