Slim and Kraken


This question is mainly to do with Slim vs Kraken. He is the only monster I have issues with when playing as slim. The distance alone makes it hard to land leeches and his combo of abilities up close or from afar can throw me off. What are the best tips/strategies for fighting against Kraken as Slim? Or is he just the worst medic to be using against a Kraken?


Gain elevation and make use of that. It requires some help from Trapper. It can definitely work (hell, I’m pretty sure there were ESL match-ups of Slim vs Kraken quite a while back, and Hunters were winning. This was before Slim got the dynamic leech gun).

Remember you can also leech banshees.


Spore cloud Spore cloud Spore cloud Spore cloud Spore cloud Spore cloud vvvvvvvv cntrlllll vvvvvvvv

Silliness aside, Karken is probably Slim Shady’s worst MU except for maybe Wraith. Try to keep the air space controlled with spore clouds, and keep your head down. If you see a banshee, hit it, free leech. Try to get high ground when it’s safe ((so you can recharge jets before an ability.)) otherwise… It’s just dicey dicey.

Oh! If you think the Kraken is about to do a LS, stop shooting for half a second so you can get sprint momentum. It could save your life for dodging.


Don’t use slim against Kraken mainly. Stay on top of cliffs when you get in a dome with him so that your shooting is more level and less sporadic which makes you hit more bullets.

Make sure the team is spread out and keeping some cover close by to avoid snowballs and lightning strikes behind cover while you heal them with a bug. Also support should never be stingy with his invis with slim because generally speaking when slim is on the team he is usually the first to die unless for some weird readon he can they his healing output up… Like you fighting a Kraken…


If he comes down for heavy melees or after shock, you can use the leech gun. If he is far away, use spores and your healing bug a lot and hope that your teammates can dodge.
Seriously, everytime some gets hit, send him the healing bug. It probably heals more than your healburst while some of Kraken’s abilities are on cooldown.
Sometimes I get similiar healing stats with Slim’s drone as I get with Caira or Val :smile:

Kraken has a height limit and it is different depending on where you fight. Example: The Dam relay. If you fight at the botton, then Kraken can fly pretty high. If you fight at the top, then he's just a few meters above the ground. If you notice the Kraken flies to high and you can't hit him, suggest to your team that you fight somewhere else. His spores are also more useful in areas with a lot of bushes/tress/rocks, so pick your fights accordingly.


The best way is to spore the shit out of him when he keeps distance. Use the Drone as primary healing and keep from shooting as much. When Kraken’s in a spore and at distance, Slim would be all but invisible, so Leeches give away your position and allow for him to hit you, but the Drone doesn’t give you away. However, use the HB when you get the chance, then book it to a different spot so he doesn’t get clever and hit you with something to reveal you. The Heath Regen and Movement Speed perks work well with this, but the Reload allows you to hit Spores more often.

Alternatively, you could have a team designed to ground him, at which point, Slim can just be played mostly regularly.


never knew bout leeching banshees… ya learn something new everyday


Faced a Kraken and these tips have helped. Although maybe it would have been a better match if our support and assault hadn’t stood completely still and took a shower in Krakens abilities. Not even spore and heal bug could save 'em. We lost obviously. It was a public match and not my usual team so I’ll see how I do with my team.


I’m a Slim main, so I have an idea on how to handle Krakens.

  1. Don’t let the beast find you. Krakens are usually smarter players, meaning they know to target the medic. As others said, stand on high ledges with your leech gun ready. If the Kraken begins to find out where you are, use the Spore Cloud on him. If he heads your way, spam that leech gun. This way, you have health constantly. Use Jet pack recharge to escape the enemy, while spamming the leech gun. Gets me along fine.

  2. About the leech gun’s range; don’t worry about damaging the monster until you need to maximize damage. Get to a high spot, shoot your Spores, use the drone to heal your teammates from afar, and you won’t need to worry about actually damaging the monster. Let’s not forget; you’re the Medic, not the Assault. Let that guy (or girl) take care of the Kraken’s health while you heal and mask yourself with the Spore Cloud.

  3. As mentioned before; Jetpack Recharger is always a helpful perk. This way you can scale walls better and get to higher ledges to avoid the Kraken’s view. I also recommend reload perks if you’re big on ignoring tip #2 and rather use the leech gun as your primary source of team healing with your healing field.

  4. If you’re the last man as Slim vs Kraken, you’re done, though.

  5. The worst medic to be used while fighting Kraken is probably EMET, because Kraken deals far ranged damage and if you need to heal your team and they’re further away, things get tricky for EMET. Using beacons can really help though, and at least gives you a chance last man as EMET.

I’ll write more when I have more time. Hope you can get along with these tips.