Slim, and his useless ALMOST weapon


Listen, im a slim main, and veery rarely the spore cloud launcher does something.

I think that The SCL is a bad weapon for someone like slim. maybe a more accurate version of it?

Like another type of bug, it whouldn’t be like the healing one, but you throw it on the monster is he is clearly seen, and that maybe redises its smelling ability?
It whould be cooler.

and with teh SCL you have to change the area consistently.
maybe the bug whould be more fitting and kinda… better?

I dunno what are you thoughts on this idea guys?

after lost of ppl saying its fine i still think it does not fit in with his theme :confused:
But that my opinion and i have to live with it

(i still dont see it being usefull explain :confused: either the monster moves over the domed area fo fast and i makes no sense spamming yout SCL everywere becosue you still need to heal) :slight_smile:

What's the point of slim's grenade launcher
Lets talk about Slim's Spores

It doesn’t matter if the moderators notice. The Devs look through pretty much every thread. They will see this.

Slim’s Spore Cloud launcher is fine, and (from what I understand) is in a much less toxic yet still effective state comparatively to what it was before TU9. I don’t see any problems with it.


Can confirm.


Yeah, Shredder has always been one of the biggest Sim haters (no offense) due to his Spore Clouds. Now they aren’t as powerful, but are still effective to where they are capable of doing their intended job. I personally think that they are in a better state than they’ve ever been.


Due* :wink:


I love that the toxicity of the spores is now massively improved but if they are indeed useless then i think there’s a very fine line between them being a bit better or back to broken as fuck state that sunny is currently in


all they do now is prevent smell right? last time was overpowered because it blinded the monster or something


Deanimate, you’ve been around since at least Intel’s Slim, how was he being played then? Seemed to me that it was a lot of facetanking with self-heals, and spore cloud to help Hank escape, keeping the support/medic alive.

I have been having another go at Slim in Evolve 2, and you just can’t facetank anymore. Just theorycrafting here, but it seems with weak single target heals the best way to use him would be to juggle aggro with spore cloud to enable your spread heals to sustain the team. If you spore cloud a focussed hunter while another hunter is near, sometimes (from experience) the monster might get confused and chase the wrong target, giving enough time to ‘bug’ the weakened hunter while spread healing him and the new target.

I don’t know how practical this is against a seasoned monster, but I’d like to know how you think Slim can be effective.


Honestly It could be a more “Theme’d” weapon.

Slims whole theme is bugs/insecs. I’d love to see a mineilike weapon that could mark and disable the monsters ability to smell for a short period of time.

It whould be a much more effective and usefull way for slims second weapon.

but thats just my suggestion :slight_smile:


someone say monster in spore cloud can’t see hunter’s name and health bar, but,

it doesn’t works.

SCL only prevent monsters smelling (right click skill) this is veeeeeery useless