Slim 3rd Healing Bug masteries


Anyone has reliable advices on how to get that one faster? I get them from time to time but I want to get slim done finally :smiley:

Spore Launcher I already have the wildlife advice but I haven’t found anything on the Healing Bug side.


Rescue/mucho wildlife/favor le monster, run towards the first 2 colonists until you see the incap-skull, send the bug, back away, let the supp ress the other one. The monster should rush the 2 colonists and just send the bug out and as soon as you see the heal icon above them, send another bug etcetcetc. I did it in a couple of minutes :slight_smile:


That stupid bug is sometime so stupid on me that it doesn’t go for the teammates far away and sticks to the teammates right by my side :smiley:


play rescue and wait for the last wave, stay 100 meters away (max range) and spam bug. it doesnt count how much it heals it counts how many times you lay the bug on an ally. and if it doesnt stick on your target it is probably because you are too far from your target


Lol sit far away and spam it between the 3 hunters. It doesn’t even need to heal anyone. Just spam the bumper I had it done in 5 mins


Thanks to you all I will try it out! :smile: