Slim 2star spore cloud tips


are ther any tips for the spore cloud?
I’m on ps4


Boost it with friends. It’s literally impossible to get in real play.


Its not impossible, my friend has 7/20 it just takes a bit longer


Damn wish I had these “friends” you speak of.


Basically if u can play caria u can master slims spore gun btw i feel like its kinda op. I love the idea of a gun that basically blinds the monster but i feel like the duration should be nerfed


Just play lots of slim in custom games


Solo, Defend King’s Fort. Balanced difficulty, High Wildlife, 15 second dropship infinite strikes. Everything on. Choose Sunny, Slim, Markov and Abe against a Wraith You can blanket a large connected area of spore clouds. As long as the Wraith is under the same connected cloud network it will count. You can shoot 4 grenades (With reload perk) before having to ‘refresh’ the area. Wraith has predictable AI.

Blanket the 2 turrets and the generator in between. Once the turrets are gone it might stick to engage but usually leaves shortly after. Each engagement you should be able to keep the Wraith in that area for 20 seconds. You can usually get 3-5 each run.