Slight issue with new / inexperienced players


Being 24 hours away now I’m beyond excited :slight_smile: I recently noticed something that I would like to bring up and see what others think about this point, its not really an issue just something that may happen.

In order to win a match, you need to use your abilities correctly and in relation to whatever strategy you or your team are using. This is one of the reasons I love the game. However, for a new player, who gets completely out-played by someone using their abilities and strategy well, to them it seems as though they are just getting smashed by all these abilities and it can appear ‘OP’ to them.

I noticed this when watching GentlemanSquirrel play a round as wraith. I think he was stage 2 but all he was using was abduction and warp blast, he absolutely wrecked the hunter team. He then noticed someone in the chat room had cried how OP the wraith was. He then correctly pointed out that what he had just done is out played the other team using skill, the abduction shots he was landing were incredibly skillful and he won because of his skill not because he picked the wraith. What was really funny was he won just as quick if not quicker playing as Goliath and Wraith.

What I fear is that soon after launch this forum is going to become filled with people crying OP when really they have just been out-played, I’m hoping new players can get past this and that it doesn’t hurt the rep of the game or the community. I have even heard people say it just depends on who you pick which is obviously completely false, this game is absolutely full of skillful plays and clutch plays etc, and I really hope new players can get past it :confused:


You must be new to multiplayer game launches.


Wraith IS a bit OP in some aspects if I am being totally honest, but it is going to be tweaked for launch.


Just remind them that “OP” could also stand for Out-Played


I am ready for all of the ‘Laz is OP’ that will flood the forums both here and on Steam.
Also the ‘Kraken is OP’
And the ‘Hank is OP’
And the ‘Daisy is OP’
Even the occasional ‘Canyon Strider OP. Blocked my Abduct, wtf?!’


I think Brandon is actually better as Goliath than wraith. What he did two 2k last week was just filthy.


Brandon in general is OP. TRS really need to tone him down a bit if they want the game to be balanced.


I also feel that if someone tries to give advice after a bad game people are going to get real pissy with them accusing them of bragging and being a dick because they didn’t like the loss and may feel like the other person is insulting them.


This place will be flooded in tears within four days of release. Grab your waders, it’s gonna get deep…

You’ll need a canoe just to get between threads.


The best way would be to make them play as the opposite side. So if they were getting pummeled as hunters and are crying that monsters are OP, make them play as monsters instead. Then you play as hunters and show them that it is their lack of skill that’s causing them to lose.


Maybe I should start a raincoat or umbrella business on hear and call it… well it’s a work in progress


I am fairly confident the game will be very balanced, though nothing is perfect, it will probably need a little tuning. More adjustments when they add DLC stuff to the game.


Canyon Striders are kind of a meme with my team and I.

When I get the chance I will upload a video in the near future explaining why

To stay on topic, new players are gonna be new players. Give them time and they will go “Ooooooh so that’s how that works”


This definitely is going to happen, and it’ll weed some folks out – the part that’s interesting to think about isn’t what this place is going to be like a week or two from now, but what it’ll be like in three months. :smirk:


I won’t even open the OP threads rofl.


The terrible medics that will flood in is going to make me cry. People picking Val just because she has a sniper is going to happen a lot. Play in a team or playing with randoms is going to very annoying until people actually learn the game.