Slight Goliath Buff


I was playing hunt just now and I realized that Goliath actually has a very poor climb rate. He is commonly thought to be the most susceptible to the various forms of CC, and even though his traversals are excellent, he takes so long to vault a ledge or climb a cliff that I often get snagged by a harpoon waiting for him to finish. I think a slight buff to his base climb speed might be the thing he needs.


Don’t all the monsters climb at the same speed bar behemoth? I might be wrong on that though. :smile:

Have you tried taking climb speed as a perk? Could help a lot. :slightly_smiling:


Actually, they don’t, even though TRS have said they have. I guess it’s the different start and ending animations that “consumes” (with a lack of a better word) time.


Thanks for that. Wasn’t 100% sure so I thought I’d ask. :smile:


No they all have different climbing durations and it’s mostly dependent on the final “pull over” animation.
I believe the order is
but don’t quote me on it; thats just my memory.

Edit: super ninja’d by talha


I don’t know about that, but it feels way slower with Goliath trying to get on the move afterwards. And I don’t think being forced to pick one perk because of the monster I chose is a good thing. None of the other monsters suffer as much from cc (except maybe Wraith, but she has more mobility).


I get what you mean. It still might be worth a try though. If you don’t like it then at least you know. :slightly_smiling:


It wouldn’t be a terribly large change, but I think it would help with QOL for Goliath players


And I might try it. If it does, though, I think it’d prove my point that a slight buff to his base climb speed would help make it more fair

Edit: Holy shit, just saw the video and that is just ridiculous. I don’t even need to test climb speed to know that’s a problem


Can anyone point me to a person of influence in the game’s balance? I’d like to see if this is something that could be looked at.


I’ve been saying this for a while now. With how easy it is to roach goliath it just doesn’t make sense that he has this huge amount of time before he can actually do anything when he reaches the top of a climb. So frustrating to reach the top and the hunter has ages to just drop off the edge…
A bit more climb speed would be nice but ultimately it’s the top of the climb that needs attention.

The problem with taking climb speed is that it’s just not enough compared to MS, DI, CDR.

He severely needs this change.


These two gents would be a good start
@Insane_521 @GentlemanSquirl


It’s such a simple thing so I only just now realized that is why I get caught by harpoons so badly


Goliath will have increased climb speed by default in the next update. This is something we tested a long time ago and we’re finally getting implemented into the game. Definitely makes playing Goliath feel even better.

Title Update 9 : Everything we know - Expected Summer 2016

That’s great to hear. Can’t wait to try him out in the next patch. :slightly_smiling:


Can you share if there are other changes coming for Goliath? Anything to address hunters that are constantly running around pillars/corners?


I can’t wait for this next big update. Honestly, just can’t wait. It seems like so many changes that bring balance and reduce frustration. I’m getting that release-day tingle all over again!


They can climb more or less at the same speed, but other monsters have jump/teleport, which they can use to “climb” much faster.
Behemoth must climb.


God this freaking patch can come fast enough :smile:


You guys are awesome, thanks for responding. I love this game and the people behind it to bits