Slight Change for Laz Idea


Since we’ve all learned the hard way what happens when you use Laz in a randoms match…

(Picking up a player you want to laz anyone???)

Deny all revives, unless Laz is downed or dead. Daisy the Dog has that adjustment, and since hunters have consistently failed to prove otherwise, might as well train them like one.


Disagree, because sometimes you need to pick someone up because Laz can’t.

What would be nice would be the ability to refuse to be revived.
“Press space to decline revive.”


Oooo I like that, but lets make a change to it.

How about giving Laz the option to stop others from rezzing. Like a ingame notification tells you a revive is in progress, do you wish to interfere?

Because at the end of the day, only Laz should have the absolute decision.


and for console??? also that probably needs more lines.


For consoles press B or the button they would use for jet pack. Doesn’t really matter what button they set it for cause none of the buttons have anything to do while you’re incapped other than heal burst/personal shield/cloak.


The directional keypad isn’t used.