Slight bug with kala mastery while not playing her!


Just played a few games with kala in the team (hunt2.0 not bots) and 3rd game I got a mastery 25% come up when I wasn’t even her! Strange I know also on her mastery leaderboard it says 4% now when I’ve not even brought her lol!

Is this a known bug or am I the first?


seems to be the first report for kala.


Thought I’d report it!

Can’t wait to buy her probably got to wait another day as I don’t have season 2!


Lol I’ve heard of this bug for characters like Slim, but I thought they had fixed it. Oh well, TRS will take care of us.


If you wait a few days to buy her, and this persists, you might have her elite before you play her lol. :stuck_out_tongue:


But where’s the fun in that? The 3-star grinding for Elite is the best part.


lol ha!

i’ve had this kind of bug before but when you’ve played a said hunter the game before and then you play a new 1 thereafter and the previous 1’s mastery comes up but that’s rare and not so strange as this 1 as i don’t actually have her


So is she out with US people that have season pass yet?


This happened to me when slim came out. I was playing as crow and I was getting stuff for slim


I also want to know if she’s out. I got called into work early, so if she’s out now I’m yelling at my boss. lol