Sli problem gtx 970 helppp


its so much more better with a single gpu…

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I’ve read a few things such as having a video open in chrome/firefox in the background or something that natively works the gpu. Other than that you could disable SLI for this game. Not the best solution but it will work.


sorry i dont understand…


I’m running SLI 970s and I don’t have this problem. Clocking in at a stable 142 FPS with everything maxed.

What’s the rest of your hardware? It sounds like you’re getting CPU or RAM gated.

For reference, I’m running the following:
i7 3770k
Asus Sabertooth mobo
16gb DDR3
1kw PSU
Game is installed and running on a SSD


The rest is
Motherboard Asrock x99 extreme 4
Intel core i7 5820k
8 gb ddr4 2400mhz corsair
Samsung ssd 850 pro
Evga supernova 1300w



i noticed a few things…
i state that im playing with 1440p gsyinc enabled 144hrz. max setting… vsyinc off
while game i can see fps high ( 110 max) but they are not stable goes to moments up to 30 fps…
This is demonstrated by the graph of the gadget that i have attached…
if you see the yellow line remains for the most of the time on the top or else in the gpu maximum use for this comes at high fps, but the yellow line somitemes go down creating a drop in fps… essentially my problem is FPS DROP…
Another thing I noticed is that a GPU remains firm in his voice gpu usage and not in the chart,and if I look at this thing at different times known that the GPU still alternate… anyone can help me??.. thanks


Looks like you’re getting RAM gated. Note that Windows can be a huge memory glutton at times and will use over 4gb of your ram in certain circumstances. That leaves less than 4g for the game. I’d recommend bumping up to 16gb. Also note that the PCIE setup on Asrock mobos are known to be unstable under load so that could also be influencing it.


thanks for reply and interest… i have 2 question
the ram usage is different with single single gpu from sli???
and how sure you are from 1 to 10 that could be the problem??I remind you that the drop in fps are very fast even less than a second… thank you soomuchh ! !


Nothing is ever 100% certain.

That said: I don’t have these issues with the same cards. Furthermore your system specs absolutely demolish mine in every way except total RAM pool. That leaves it down to one of the following problems:

  • Faulty hardware
  • Hardware incompatibility
  • Software issues
  • Insufficient RAM

Considering that we’re running the same GPUs with the same software, we can eliminate hardware incompatibility and the software being at fault. Faulty hardware is still a posibility, but I’d assume you’d have seen the same issue with other games if the hardware being faulty was the cause and you haven’t indicated that this has occurred. That really only leaves insufficient RAM. The system requirements lists 4gb. What a lot of people assume is that’s talking about the total system RAM. This is an incorrect assumption. That’s indicating that the game, itself, will want to use at least 4gb of RAM during operation. With your system having 8gb that means that the entire rest of your setup (OS, other applications, ect) cannot be using more than 4gb of your RAM for the game to run well. Note that the 4gb is also just what is required. If you have the game cranked up to the maximum settings (which I assume you do given your specs) it may actually need more than that.

The only other thing I can think to recommend is to make sure that SLI is enabled at “Maximum Performance”, and that your power settings for the GPUs are set to “Prefer Maximum Performance” rather than “Adaptive” under the Nvidia Control Panel. Both of those options should always be set on SLI setups for stability purposes. If both of those options are already set, or the issue isn’t solved after setting them: your safest bet is to add more RAM to the pool.


ok i understand… But if i play with low setting i do not have fps drop but the gpu usage is about 40%… Than the ram should not make problem, but should not run at the same at 100%???

And i have crysis 3, sli wirks perfect


It’s definitely a RAM pool related issue based on that info. Crysis 3 uses less RAM than this game by a bit and it can still eat 6gb on ultra settings. The fact that you don’t get any drops on low, and the GPU usage scales accordingly, but do on high leads me to believe that it’s a memory management problem most likely stemming from it digging into the paging file periodically because it wants more memory than your RAM pool contains.

I’m 90% positive that adding more RAM will solve the issue based on what you’re saying.


okk nice, last thing and do not break more boxes…
my evolve problem is the same for dying light,just equal… this tells you something??
thx man


100%. Dying Light recommends 16gb of ram and will use a minimum of 8gb. I can guarantee what you’re seeing is it dipping into the paging file when it blips the performance down for a split second.


okk ty so much for your interest… you have been very clear i try to take other two banks… because motherboard works in quad channel…
let you know


HI ZERO, I’M BACK XD… now i have 16 gb of ddr4, the fps game has improved… the fps drop are less often but there are always… above when the monster is ready to evolve (when appear press v to evolve), or when i’ll jump to the team for start fight… possibles that no one else has this problem??
i’m playing on max setting, vsyinc off, gsyinc on,1440p,144hrz…


I think that the gpu’s exchange work for very short moments before fps drop…in other words it is possible that this is the cause?
I came to dubt from gadget… Look my 2 photoes, in the first post and this post…
When i put the game to windows sli stop to work and one gpu take all the work… But they alternate this effect…
Have you ever heard of this??


NVIDIA is getting sued for issues with the graphics card you have. Check out the articles I’ve linked, it might explain it


thank you for showing me these links, now i understand everithing… Lag spikes/frame drops ingame caused by hitting the 3.5gig v-ram wall… this time nvidia did a pretty bullshit, over 1080p gtx 970 sli make framerate drops… from your link “The vast majority of customers who bought a GTX 970 will not be materially impacted by the limits on the card’s performance — but people who bought a pair of them in SLI configurations may have a solid argument for how Nvidia’s failure to market the card properly led them to purchase the wrong product…”… and i hope that this petition serve in some…
thaks for all.