SLI Issues



I’m having an issue with trying to run SLI. I have two 980 ti’s but when looking at the stats of my cards, my second card isn’t being utilised. Tried Nvidia inspector and tried to mess around with the settings but my second card still isn’t working with it.


I’m not familiar with SLI, but do you even need two 980’s for Evolve?


If you want to enjoy it on a big TV in 4k resolution, the answer is “Yup”.


Ahh, 4k! That makes sense. I’ll tag @ArPharazon, if he can’t help he may know who can.


I can ask someone at work, but for now, I believe SLI is the graphics driver’s responsibility, and we have no control over it.


Thanks guys. If you can let me know, that’d be awesome.


You guys… I’m an idiot. I’m not used to SLI quite yet due to me just starting to use it a few weeks ago when I bought my second card but I think after every time you update your drivers, you have to go into Nvidia Control Panel and enable SLI.


And I’m an idiot because I forgot to follow up on it. :confounded: Glad you figured it out though!


No worries! :thumbsup:


Yep i’ve tested yesterday and in terms of use, the game uses both cards. On the downside, in SLI there are lights flickering and the map also flickers(at least in my case) :frowning: