Sledge's Chicklet Thread


Day 16 Video:

10 minutes in the life of rambunctious chicks:


I tore some kind of muscle or overstretched it or something in my lower back/shoulder-blade which has preventing me from moving too much the last couple days. Feel a bit better today but twinge now and again if I move wrong. Anyway, new chick video today:

Day 20 Video:

Much more feathers coming in now.


When you skip 4 days


I really doubt anybody out there is having a spaz and going into withdrawal for missing a few days of chickens, lol. :joy:


Do you sometimes try to grab one of your chicks?
Do they peck you when you do and does it hurt if they peck you?

Sorry for all these questions, just very curious and I love all your chicks videos sledge! (that sounds a bit weird though)


They are very fearful chicks. They run and flee when I reach in to do anything. I should be working with them more but I prefer to freak them out less than more, so largely just watch them, especially when they were younger since you really needed to keep them within their comfortable heat level…taking them away from the heat could cause problems for even a little while so I didn’t cuddle with them or anything. They don’t mind me being around them though.

Ideally you should sort of lift them up off their feet with your hand under their belly but they usually run away and prevent me from doing that. When I had been grabbing them for poop-cleaning in the early first week I did grab them from above since that yielded the easiest method for vent checking after lifting 'em so they are more skiddish than maybe they otherwise would be. When you do get one in hand they don’t peck you and pretty much chill out and don’t try to escape or anything, and you can pet them as much as you want…easy to handle. I’ve left my hand hanging in there so they have gotten more used to it and plan to feed them live meal worms when I can get my hands on some this week…I think that will be the real turning point, since I will feed their delicious treats by hand. I am sure that will change things up.

They have been getting more accustomed to me reaching around in there now that they are a bit larger and finally realize I am the bringer of food, but even so, not easy if I needed to catch one. By the time they go outside though, I think it will be easier since I can spend time with them within the chicken run, and they will get used to me sitting in there among them. When they are fully grown up some chickens might peck you if you reach under them to grab the eggs but I don’t think it would be painful or anything. The breeds I have are both generally considered to be easy-going people pleasers that are easy to handle. They have never made a move to peck at me.


My mom has a bunch of chickens (10, actually. I’m also helping her raise 4 ducklings and 3 chicks), though I often take care of them myself(of course, I live here rent-free, so it’s justified that I get the work).

Just some advice:
-Put some thin fencing with smaller holes in it (can probably be found as “chicken wire” or “chicken fence”) over the top of whatever you’ve got them in. Chickens can jump hella high, even as little chicks and it would not be a fun day when they discover that escaping is easy. As someone who has chased chickens; avoid having to do it.

-Change the bedding every 2-3 days, even if it doesn’t look bad. Chickens scratching the ground turns up the bedding and it can get really nasty-smelling if left unchanged. And I recommend that you use straw instead of other stuff. Straw is cheaper and easier to clean up. Comes in heavy-ass bales, but it’s cost-effective and works super well. I put paper or heavy-duty plastic underneath the layer of bedding in the chicks’/ducklings’ housing so that it’s easy to change out without having to fully clean the housing every single time.

-If you don’t have a coop built, try getting that done before they get older. If you already have it done, then I look like an ass, but it’s something a lot of people had done and realized that they dun goofed.

-Something I learned quickly for keeping coop feeders and waterers clean: elevate them. Feeders in our coop hang from hooks we bought at Lowes for cheap and old dog leashes that we don’t use anymore. It keeps the chickens from spilling anything (including crap) into their food. Requires much less cleaning and food doesn’t get needlessly spilled onto the floor. Our water was put on top of an old tire. Keeps them from scratching so much straw into it and they have to face it to use it, so no crap gets into the bowl.

-Don’t let anything get broody. We have this one Brahma that got broody once and she didn’t lay eggs for a long time. We ended up giving her eggs to hatch (we got 2 Easter-eggers from that) and she started laying again, but we got lucky with that. Normally when one goes broody, it stays that way.

-Roosters aren’t bad to have. Just don’t keep more than like 1-2. Fertilized eggs don’t taste any different than non-fertilized. Just make sure to empty the nest boxes every day or two. Roosters can also peck hens when trying to do their thing, so check on the hens from time to time and make sure none of them are hurt. If they are hurt, separate them - other chickens will make it worse because they’re assholes.

Might take some pictures of our stuff. Been keeping chickens for over a year and have helped raise 3 groups of chicks. It’s way easier than you’d read about on the internet, TBH. Give them the right food, proper heat, fresh bedding every few days, water, and they mostly take care of themselves. Very much unlike human children. When the chickens mature, it actually gets even easier.


Gonna be slow to post but I will try today. The antibiotics the doctors put me on as a precaution due to that little minor surgical procedure I had done a week ago just gave me a terrible allergic reaction yesterday. My head feels like it’s going to explode with a horrible headache, I get dizzy, I’ve got strange pains here and there for no reason, joints hurt, crazy chills, my lymph nodes in my throat have painfully swollen up and I’ve broken out in hives all over my body from head to toe. I did call the doctors to inform them and said I would be trying Benadryl and see if it helps. I really don’t want their drugs and I didn’t want the antibiotics in the first place. I will only go back if I start to not be able to breathe or swallow or something. I don’t want their shots!


Day 21 Video:

Day 22 Video - Today is Mealworm day!

Grab a worm and RUUUUN!

The coop is still in progress outside. I don’t have photos of it since it always has to be covered in a tarp due to the rain before I can get out to paint it. The chicks have gotten very hoppy and have been perching on everything they can, so I put wire above the trough in most areas to prevent escapees but I don’t think it will be long before I find one running around the house…


I know your pain. I have injured both shoulders due to repetitive strain injury that led to nerve damage and I tore a muscle in my lower back.

That was almost 4 years ago and it still hurts.

On the subject of chickens, one of my friends grandmas chickens are super friendly. They like to be picked up and held. Its really funny.


I’m flat out shocked…in researching more into the antibiotics that have done this to me…it turns out that there is a higher chance of my having allergic reactions or anaphalactic shock if I am already allergic to Penicillin drugs, to which I am and this was noted in my records!

And people wonder why I am so staunchly adamant against vaccines and many kinds of drugs of the medical industry. I have only myself to blame, as I should have (as I normally do) thoroughly checked into these antibiotics on-line before even taking any. I can’t rely on what doctors say, to even the information given with the drug pamphlets themselves. I MUST look into people’s personal stories, medical forums, and cross reference drugs on my own every time. I did not do that this time because being an antibiotic, I figured that was safe enough since I’ve had various other forms of antibiotics before without issue when dealing with sinus infections.

I no longer think what I have are hives but just a full body rash. I’m uncertain how long this will last but I hope it goes away with Benadryl. My throat lymph node is still swollen but a little less painful today at least. I’m through taking medications…I really am, except for tried and true things like Tylonal and Ibuprofin etc. They want me to go back in and get like a cortizone shot or epipen. No thank you guys, no thank you. Epipens are only for life or death cases and I’m not going on steroids which will probably cause some other problems. This will eventually go away on its own when the drugs fully leave my system, however long that takes. I just am going to have to suffer it out.


I just saw this on my Fb list and thought you might enjoy it! Im sure the Chickens will!! :slight_smile:

Hope your feeling better soon! I h8 antibiotics and steroids with a passion. They have both caused more harm to me than help. Guess its cause I have every +20 reactions to any medication I’ve taken.


Many antibiotics are penicillin based or related to it and all will have reactions similar to penicillin. The doctors know you are allergic right? If they know and still prescribe you something with it, then its on them.

My wife is also allergic to it.


I will definitely be trying this.


I know I have had Amoxiciliian and it never caused me issue. My allergy to penicillin was nothing having to do with rashes and swollen glands though, just a really bad case of the runs. This is a whole other thing and I’m surprised it happened the last day of the full schedule of antibiotics but apparently that is very common…an allergy that presents once the treatment is completed. Just yikes.


Have you told your doctor?


I let them know I had an allergic reaction but I didn’t tell them quite everything. I will make sure my records get sorted out but I don’t plan to go back anytime soon.


Doctors are only human after all. It’s a scary prospect but they do make mistakes.


I know…I know…It’s just…I feel as if I’ve lived through too much, seen too much, know too much, don’t know enough…about it now and I feel like unless I fully research everything to the nines, I dare not touch or go near it unless life is at stake. I’ve been burned too bad, almost killed, seen my own family suffer…I just want to check out of doctors offices for good or teach myself natural medicines.


What exactly is wrong with you?