Sledge's Chicklet Thread


At stage 3 they start throwing eggs.


Oklahoma is full of farriers. I know of 5 personally. Maybe some should move up your way.

Also as far as eating them goes, old hens who quit laying make perfect roasters.



Did a full bedding change for the second time since having them. They have begun to start fighting to assert dominance and create a pecking order I guess. They flap and fly-kick a lot. The bedding I didn’t make as deep this time and they managed to chicken scratch down to the bare floor, and they are incredibly preoccupied with pecking that.

I’ve noticed Pikipek, which I thought would become the boss, start to fall back in that race for dominance. She doesn’t fight for her food and hasn’t eaten as much food as she normally does since yesterday. Typically if anyone is at the food bowl it’s Pikipek. She still seems healthy though.

Day 7 Video 1 week in:

Much adorbs!


I put two and two together…

@Chickenprotector Get in here :stuck_out_tongue:


I already saw the thread, I was lurking and will continue to lurk.


They are getting rambunctious. Might have to figure out a new brooder situation in a week. I do have a large cattle trough but I can’t go out and clean it out with snow falling everywhere and 20 degrees out…


c o n s u m e
to evolve



Day 8 Video:

Also, named this dark-colored chick Gobi after TRS’s bearded dragon mascot. The chick is an Easter Egger, which will eventually have a beard of her own. You can already see she has big cheeky-fluffs going on.

All of the Easter Eggers now have names but I can’t rightly tell the Light Brahmas apart enough to name them. The largest one I intend to name General Tso, followed possibly by Kentucky Fried, Popeye, Sir Robin, and Drummie. I will probably have to give the Brahmas ankle bracelets to tell them apart when they grow. Easter Eggers on the other hand all look unique from chick to adult. They are named: Poad (hubby calls her Chick-monk since she have chipmunk patterning), Gobi, Pikipek, and Nugget.


I had to have a sudden minor surgical procedure done suddenly so I have been away from the PC a while. Sorry for lack of updates. Check out today’s video of the chicks though, they are entertaining in their new digs! The horse trough has plenty more room for them.

Day 10 Video:

Day 12 Video (today, Mar 19):


I so want a Light Brahma rooster now…

This video tho…uh…mute if you’re at work lol, but it’s funny.


What happened to 11?


The chicks ate it >_>


Day 13 Video:

I skipped Day 11 because of the surgical stuff I had and, don’t really need a video every day, although it is fun looking day to Day 1 and then now.


The two week mark, Day 14 Video:

It’s interesting how they separated into two separate breed piles…the Light Brahmas are on the left while the Easter Eggers are on the right.

Here is a cute shot of Poad on the left and Gobi on the right. In the video, look how strange the chicks lay about when they sleep. At first you might think they are injured by lying on their sides but no, they sunbathe and flap around sometimes and burrow into the bedding (dust bathing when adults helps remove parasites).


This shot is :heart:

what camera equipment are you using?


Actually it’s an old Canon Powershot SX100IS…but sometimes I swear it’s a potato.


Good pictures for a 10 year old cam

Release Date: August 2007
Sensor size: Compact Sensor
Feature: With Image Stabilization, With Video
Sensor type: CCD
Type: Point & Shoot
Brand: Canon
Resolution: 8 MP


Huh…been longer than I thought! I also just looked it up on Amazon and it sells for almost $500…still? Hmm. I dunno. Photos seems pretty nice most of the time but video seems to leave something to be desired. Meh, it serves its purpose. I’m no mainstay YouTuber.