Sledge's Chicklet Thread


the pun was predictable, but not bad.


Well, I was exaggerating just a smidge. I honestly found it amusing.



Big problems today. Chirpy, finally started to be quiet last night and I checked on her now and again and she always seemed to be sleeping or mid-sleep while standing. I figured she wore herself out crying and was finally settling down. This morning I check on them and she is still one that seems to be sleepier than the others. I hadn’t seen her eat or sleep recently. I did my morning pasty butt check and everyone seems fine, including Chirpy…so I go to sit and have breakfast. Suddenly I hear Chirpy again, crying out as she does. I was happy and go to check on her but I found her on her back with her feet in the air, being run over by the other chicks.

Just to be safe I isolated her. I got her into a separate box that is still in the main brooder and she cried a bunch, walked around a bit and poked at the food dish in there…she seemed ok. Chickens do strange things. From much forum reading I’ve learned a lot about people freaking out about things their chickens do and lying on their backs with feet in the air isn’t too terribly unusual. I let her be and went to eat again and heard her cry again, so I went to check…again she was on her side and looked like she was having trouble breathing.

I picked her up in my hand and turned her over, thinking maybe she was choking or something. I rubbed her crop and belly but she went limp, struggling to breathe. Her vent looked fine, no poop, no blood, belly button fine I suppose, but she has basically suddenly gone limp now and I don’t know what to do next.


Is their a chicken hospital err animal hospital you can go to?

Was going to make a joke, but I’ll do that later


Nah, for being a big time farming community I am shocked how there are no vets around here for anything but cats and dogs. Everyone with livestock has to be their own vet. I couldn’t so much as find a farrier for horses. I asked horse owners who they go to and they were like…oh, we do that. Oh, really?

I spent the last hour completely cleansing all feed and water trays and emptied the entire brooder of shavings to replace with totally fresh bedding. The chick didn’t make it and died within about 5 minutes from my making the last post above. :frowning: No explanation for it at all.


I’m really sorry to hear that :frowning: i always have really liked animals, having grown up on a farm myself. Chickens and ducks are some of my favorites.

It’s gone to the big beautiful farm in the sky, to run and play, be happy with its own.


:confused: Sorry, but you are quite new to this aren’t you?


I know you meant well but I found that kinda hurtful…yes I’m new to chickens. I have been researching things about raising the chicks and can not find a reasoning why that one chick when downhill so fast. Sometimes it just happens and there’s nothing you can do. They are on medicated feed, and have grit to help digestion. Cleaning water whenever I find poop in it. I just don’t know. Poad is doing good though, which is the chick I’ve been concerned about and the one I accidentally wiped the umbilical scab off of. I put iodine on it and Vaseline around it’s butt to help prevent any further poop sticking.


Usually once one starts eating they all suddenly gather in as if they will miss something. Same with drinking or pecking. They all seem to plop down at the same time to sleep too.

Day 3 Video:

The darkest chick eats more than the rest and is almost always at the food bin doing the chicken scratch dance. That is Pikipek. She looks to be the strongest and toughest of the chicks so far.


You planning on eating any of those chickens?


I like dis one. Es cute.


Not currently, no. All of them should be female. I honestly haven’t bothered to sex them personally but I specifically ordered them all female. Mistakes can happen though, and I wouldn’t mind having one rooster…but I would not keep more than one…so if by chance there were two roosters we’d eat one of them.


That was interesting, low video quality but super interesting.


Couldn’t find better of that episode, unfortunately. Not all chicks can be wing-sexed though. Most have to be vent-sexed and that’s a really dirty, difficult job.


Do not eat those eggs!


Oh wow! That’s also a light brahma chicken, which is what my 5 yellow chicks will grow up to be.

They did say these birds get big…even though those are kittens, that’s still a large bird!


Day 5 Video:

Some tail feathers have started to poke through.




Day 6 Video:

They don’t like being filmed so I try to be sneaky/quiet about it, lol.


Camera scares them I assume?


Your chickens are quickly evolving to stage 2