Sledge's Chicklet Thread


Our meat chickens at 1 month old in their new coop…more than double the size of our egg laying pullets. Looks like we have 3 cockrels and 2 pullets, which should dress out to 10 pounds per cockrel, and 8 pounds per pullet. Still a month to go.

I don’t think I would raise meat birds again. It is very clear how genetically altered they are compared to the egg layers. Literally these birds SWARM the feeder and would eat non-stop if I did not remove the food. Their food intake is extreme, and their poop output is likewise! In fact, if you feed for more than 12 hours they could break their legs under their own weights, so their feed has to be managed. There’s just something wrong about that.

I have the other egg-laying chicks in an outdoor coop of their own now too…a temporary coop they can still grow a bit in before we modify our current permanent coop to accommodate the new flock size.


Tonight, before it was time to get the chickens in, two strange but collared dogs came onto our property. I was in the house while my husband and son were outside. I heard a huge bang, and my son screamed, then my husband started to yell.

The dogs had knocked down a massive tree (which must have been dead to have gone down at that size), and then attacked the free ranging chickens. I ran outside and I saw a black Labrador grab onto Pikipek and she was screaming, but I chased him off her. I didn’t even see the second dog until it ran by me…some kind of brindle bull terrier looking thing. They ran off without any chickens.

The chickens got separated and there were piles of feathers everywhere. We took over an hour to find them all, but we did manage it. Pikipek’s back was tore up pretty good but I am hopeful she will heal. Nugget’s tail feathers are missing but she didn’t seem to be bleeding. Gobi was likewise ruffed up and lost a lot of feathers. Even the rooster’s tail feathers are out.

Pikipek took it the worst. I poured some Peroxide over her injuries and will do so again tomorrow but she’s in shock. I hope she makes it. I don’t know the owners of the dogs but I tried to track them down, but it was no use.

My son had screamed and ran, the worst possible thing he could have done. Luckily the dogs were not naturally vicious but…I can’t help but think that we have all of these guns and yet when something went down, they were not in reach. If the dogs had gone for my son and not the chickens, done one have time to go run into the house?

So I am very upset, and I know the dogs will now come back since they have a taste. I don’t know who owns the dogs in order to speak to them. Our guns are kept safely hidden INSIDE the house, but I’m thinking maybe conceal carry really IS something to look in to. :frowning:


Today the hen does seem better…at least she is walking and drinking. They are all still upset though, I can tell. Their feathers are a mess or missing, and they don’t have an interest in leaving the pen…of course. But, at least they are alive.


My chickens hovering against my house:

One of several feather piles from the attack:

This is Pikipek…she was the one injured the most. She is hanging out in the chicken coop because The General (the rooster), won’t leave her alone. Since she is slower than the other hens now, he wanted to grab her the most to mate. Her injury is on her back so, this is not good.


Well, I thought it was safe…I let the chickens out to free range after my son got home from school. I wasn’t playing Evolve, didn’t have my headphones on, yet somehow…two more dogs came around. Two beagles, collared, and they attacked the chickens. I don’t know how long they attacked the chickens. When my husband came home from work, later than usual, I went out to greet him and found the piles and piles of feathers.

The dogs came right to us. We called the number on their tags and their owners didn’t know they had gotten out. They had special tracking collars on but they hadn’t been charged. They were from about 45 minutes drive away.

So the people came, got their dogs, and we hunted for our chickens. I didn’t want to speak to them. I didn’t tell them they attacked the chickens but maybe from all the feathers they could tell…I don’t know. I didn’t care. Gobi was dead. Pikipek, the formerly injured one from the last dog attack, had her wounds re-opened badly. One of the white Brahma hens had a busted up wing and her back was mauled. We had to put them both down.

I’m almost beyond tears. I want to lie down, and just not get up. It’s all my fault. Because of me this happened.


Its not your fault, things like this happen all the time. If those dogs come back and hurt any more chickens I think you should sue them if you aren’t going to do it now. I feel it’s ridiculous that somehow the owners didn’t notice their dogs were gone. You can use this as a learning experience also, if you have the money set up cameras if you already haven’t around the coop and if possible inside so if the dogs come back you have proper evidence, other than the chickens wounds of course. It’ll also help you see what happens if they ever start getting injured while your away.


I do have cameras, many of them actually. I could replay the entire video from multiple streams. I don’t think it’s worth suing. The price of a chicken is…kinda of a joke. Now that it is warmer weather, people are letting their dogs out to roam. Out here we have acres. I have 7 acres, the neighbors directly next to me have about 10, and across from me they have like 80. I don’t know whose dogs the first two were…the Labrador and terrier mix, and didn’t find out. I’ve not seen them before nor since…and these beagles came from so dang far away it boggles the mind. But I do know that several people out here just let their dogs and cats loose.

Apparently the guy that came to get the dogs said something like his wife was in Chicago with maybe a daughter having a baby or something…I kinda blanked out. The dogs were no doubt left in a yard or something and got loose. Beagles do that. Must have happened before since they had tracking collars.

I can’t afford to, nor want to, fence in our 7 acres. The price for a fence is ludicrous. After the last attack I kept the chickens inside their run for a couple days but honestly they produce way more eggs when they get to free range and they are happier and take care of our lawn. Before I was allowing them 4 hours a day, then I figured I would only allow 2 after the first attack.

Somehow I didn’t hear any of the barking or squawking. I don’t even know how. My husband kinda wanted to press for some kind of remuneration for the chickens but I just waved it off. Were it not for us they probably would never have found their dogs since they were all this way out here.

I guess there is just no way to free range them despite all the land.

And now my son has become suddenly terrified of dogs even though he was raised with a dog in our home all his life until a year ago.

I lost Gobi, Stir-Fry, and Pikipek, half of my current laying flock. I still have my rooster, The General, one Easter Egger (Nugget), and two other Brahma hens (Kentucky Fried and Sir Robin).


I cri. :disappointed_relieved:


Gobi was the cutest Easter Egger. :frowning:


Yesterday we decided to join up with another farmer and butcher the meat chickens. He had never done it before or butchered anything so we thought we’d assist with him…plus he had a machine that helps with de-feathering. I didn’t know he was doing 11 Cornich Cross, however, or that the weather would decide to reach over 91 degrees. Now, I have NO complaints at all about the heat…you know me by now how I hate the snow and cold with such a passion that I will probably rarely acknowledge that I am overheating. You could probably catch me half passing out and I’d say the weather was fine.

Needless to say we butchered 16 chickens under the blazing sun. We did go with the standard method of using a kill cone and throat slitting…I was not crazy about that at all but got the job done. I prefer the axe…one chop done, but I guess it is messier in the long run.

I think I freaked out one of the other women there. I’m not sure how I feel about that but I felt different than I normally do when I freak out other women. I suppose almost ashamed this time around, since I was doing a lot of the actual killing.

There were in total three men helping but even so it took hours, man. At least we treated ourselves to Deadpool 2 as a reward but we were gone all day long. Today the plan is to get rid of their former nasty coop and cook one of the birds so we can taste if it’s worth doing this all again.


Juiciest chicken I’ve ever had.