Sledge's Chicklet Thread


I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to eat something I raised lol



It wasn’t an easy call. I did try to re-home my Poad. He was my favorite baby chick of the bunch, and I could find nobody who would take him and NOT eat him. I tried to keep him with my flock but they basically kicked him out, and he got attacked by the other rooster. Stress on the hens would prevent them from laying so I couldn’t have fights every day. I had to get rid of him before their spurs grew in. At least with me, it was a very quick end.

However, I am getting birds just for raising for meat…those I don’t plan to get attached to like I did to Poad.



You should have gave him a hobo stick and sent him on his way


That was suggested, actually. I considered simply releasing him…but we have a LOT of wildlife out here that eats chickens for fun. Most people who own chickens out here don’t own them for long simply because they try to free range them and they get picked off. We have bald eagles, red tail hawks, foxes and coyotes, roaming wild dogs, bobcats, and raccoons…all of which eat chickens. The thought of him starving to death alone or being mauled to pieces was more upsetting to me than killing him myself humanely.