Sledge's Chicklet Thread


Since they never use Box 3 I am thinking the hen laid it while on the jump bar which is right outside Box 3. The egg didn’t break since it hit onto a pile of straw. That is my guess right now. I have a jump bar a foot off the floor, then the roosts…one at 2 1/2 feet off the floor and the other about 3 feet off the floor. I kept the jump bar in there since they seem to prefer using it to help get up there. When they were younger pullets and first introduced to the coop, they never at all used the roosts and I figured putting a bar in there a foot off the floor would encourage them to roost since in the brooder they also had a bar to teach them roosting, which they did use and play on. But, my chickens are so dumb it took a racoon killing one of them before they learned they needed to sleep up high on the roosts.

It’s about time for me to check the boxes again and hope for an egg but it’s raining right now.


YES! I got an egg! I almost didn’t tell it apart from the easter eggs, lol, but it’s there! One of the easter eggs was rolled out of the nest and almost broken in half, but this egg was left alone. It was toasty warm too so she literally just got it out!


So I asked my grandfather earlier today and he said he did encounter such scenarios (although rare) where he simply made crates so the egg would drop out of reach for them (something like a cone shape).

He also used fake eggs, much to what you’re using now, where they couldnt be broken. Both proved effective.

He made the crates themselves. I’m not sure how they look but if needed I can ask for pictures (although it can take a while)


I just got back from Wisconsin. Left on Saturday and collected an egg right at the laying just before leaving town. Arrived back home today fully expecting to not find any eggs (figuring they would break and eat them in 3 days time without collection). I left each box with at least 2 fake easter eggs. To my dismay, relief, and happiness I found 6 intact eggs today! 4 came from Brahmas…2 from Easter Egger. I am hoping that Pikipek the EE re-started laying again…will see since we now got the cameras back up and I can be watching tomorrow. But this also means that another Brahma must be laying because there’s no way Kentucky Fried could have laid that many! The standard is 1 egg per day for 5-6 days then a day or two off. So at most she could have laid 3 of those eggs, but there are 4…some somebody else is laying now too!

It looks like the fake egg plan has worked with success!



It’s been a long time since I posted here. All of my chickens are still doing well, though when it is super cold like it is they don’t lay any eggs for me, causing me to still need to buy eggs at the store…something I really don’t like now that I have chickens. Honestly, it costs a decent amount of money to raise chickens even though it is relatively cheap, considering livestock. Even so, a dozen eggs at WalMart is like 50 cents…

We’ve been debating getting a couple other breeds of chickens for this year and adding to the flock. I’m thinking Black Australorp for winter egg production and my husband is thinking Cinnamon Queens. We may also buy some Cornish Cross specifically for meat.

I am not too keen on the Cinnamon Queens or Rhode Island Reds because of the size of their combs, which may need winter protections.

We caught a fox on our security cams last night nearby to the chicken coop but he didn’t try any funny business. ever since handling the racoon situation we haven’t had issues with them since, but I am personally against killing a fox…that’s right, I’m specist. Deal with it.


Hubby went to Farm and Fleet last night to buy up some pig and chicken food before the snow storm rolled in, and he placed an order for the chickens. Wow, that was fast!

Bought 5 Black Astrolorps:

5 Cinnamon Queens:

and 5 Cornish Cross:

We might have to build a secondary coop to house them, unsure right now. The Cinnamon Queens are sexed at birth easily since females are reddish brown and males are white, so we are guaranteed 5 female pullets. The black Astrolorps will be a toss up so I can presume, based on my prior experience, to probably get 1 male from the 5. They also make great meat birds so no worries there. And the Cornish Cross we bought just for meat.

Cost: $41 for all 15 chicks. This order was put in latter than last year’s time-frame so I HOPE it will be warm enough for them to go outside when they are due to go out, and not stay in my house turning it into a dust bin of feather destruction. I had to clean all of my Nerf guns by hand since they are also on my porch…that was a nightmare. In fact I think I will only keep the chicks inside the house until their feathers start coming in…then we will have to move them into the garage. I will NOT, CANNOT deal with that sheer level of dander and dust again inside but the first couple weeks are critical for chicks, so, they have to be inside under my watch.

Don’t worry, I’ll get pics as soon as I get my chickies again, and some video, when the order comes in.


I’m looking forward to the moment this starts to become a yearly tradition :slight_smile: I love seeing chicklets :stuck_out_tongue:



I always have to chase a chicken to be able to pick it up. They panic and flap terrified away from me when they realize that instead of throwing them some scratch I want to grab one. However, chickens are dumb, and being a human, they are easily tricked so you can catch them easily enough and pick one up. When I do so it’s almost as if their little chicken brains switch from flight mode into “accept my fate” mode, and they fail to attempt an escape of any kind. Their body can be manipulated any way you want, and even when you set them back down they sorta hang out in that spot to make sure you are letting them go and don’t want to reconsider that you didn’t kill them.

I can’t figure out if these birds are tremendously stupid or gloriously noble.


I think it’s a combination of both. Chickens are not very bright but they know you are friendly. I’ve had friends with fiercely loyal chickens that like to be petted and held but I’ve never had such luck.

For a fun trick. Find a stick, bar, blade of grass, whatever and put the chicken on its back and place the item across both feet. They will just lay there.


I am sorta bummed my chickens aren’t friendlier. I mean, they rush to me whenever I add water or food to their stations and swarm me when I throw scratch, but to reach out and touch one they nope themselves away. One of these days I will grab my roo and get a photo with him…he is huge and I love to mess with him. He hasn’t been the least bit aggressive to me either…but he has been a little rough with a hen or two. Thankfully adding more hens should fix this issue.

I’ll have to give that upside-down chicken trick a try!


My uncle owns a boat load of chickens, and some wouldn’t dare go near him


My chickens have finally started to lay again now that it’s finally a stable 10 degrees above freezing. The Light Brahmas don’t disappoint and are consistent producers. I always get 1-3 eggs a day from the three of them. However, the Easter Eggers are a whole other thing. I am lucky if I get one egg a day from the three of them combined. I really think it’s only one EE that’s stably producing due to the color and shape of the egg. I don’t know what’s up with them but most things on-line say they are excellent egg producers whereas the Light Brahmas are listed as just “good” producers. In my experience I wouldn’t get Easter Eggers again. They simply don’t produce!

However, I do have a thought. The rooster is a Light Brahma and he is a massive bird. When he mounts the Light Brahma females they seem to be crushed…so it’s possible the much smaller EE’s just can’t tolerate him and stress out. Nobody seems to WANT to mate with him…he regularly chases them down and can only breed if he can trap and pin them - it’s so sad. Hopefully this will get fixed when the new chicks I will be getting grow up and help ease the mating stress a bit so the roo can spread the love easier.



One of my chickens jump-flew up and bit me! She could not wait all of the five seconds it would take for me to throw the scratch I just poured in my hand to toss into the run. She grabbed for the scratch but got my finger instead - AGGHHHH! CHICKENS!


Maybe that’s why my grandpa uses gloves and throws the grains with a metal scoop.


It’s a first! Time to celebrate!

Today I got an egg from every hen!


Look at all the happy faces!


Are they eatable?


I was forced to eat my Easter Egger rooster…he wasn’t that edible. EE’s they say are both egg and meat birds but I found him to be tough and not a lot of meat at all. I’m buying Cornish Cross for meat so I’ll let you know how that goes.