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Because I figured I’d hijack the Random Thread too much over the next few days, I decided to start my own thread for my baby chicks. Just picked them up from the farm store where they were in a panic because the power went out. Keeping baby chicks in 90 degrees temps is imperative to their survival so they basically had the generators working not so much for the store but for the salvation of the chicks. Employees were actually taking customers down the isles with flashlights. Luckily I got there about 20 mins after the power went down, got my chicks, and raced home because the drive is 45 minutes for me. Hurrah for heated car seats!

I get them home and lo and behold the electric company has decided that they want to replace all of the old power poles in the neighborhood over the next two week…power outages can be expected. So I am working on back-up plans to keeping the chicks warm when/if that does happen. Right now they are under the heat lamp. There are 5 white brahmas and 5 easter eggers.

When full grown the Brahmas look like they have feathered pants while the Easter Eggers look like they have beards, and often lay eggs in various colors (although it’s only one egg color per chicken, and usually blue or green).

Light Brahmas:

Easter Egger:

But for now…enjoy the chicklets!

Day 1:


Why is it red? Is Satan making his presence known?!


It’s the lighting…I’m using a red heat lamp because apparently this allows the chicks to sleep better and they won’t peck at each other as much…so they say.


But they need to be at the top of the pecking order.


Santa,not satan


Consume the baby chicks.


Can’t consume these levels of cute.


I saw the video on YT before here…but I don’t have time to watch it right now





######That sounded a lot less horrible in my mind


Getting really stressed with the chicks over here. There is this thing called “Pasty butt” you have to look out for…and yes it sounds exactly like you’d picture it, where the poop builds up around their bottom and prevents them from venting properly, which can be fatal, but is an easy fix with gentle washing. So during the first week you have to be on constant guard. This morning when I checked the chicks they all were fine but one, which had a really bad butt. No problem…I’ve been really pro-active on the butt-wiping since I got them to ensure no pasty butts, but this one was a doosey.

Anyway it felt like there was a hard little bit left so I worked and worked it, and finally when it gave there was a red lump beneath that looked like an ulcer. I panicked, thinking I tore the skin and looked up stuff on-line…let me tell you I have seen my lifetime share of chicken butts already but it turns out that might have been umbilical cord which should have been left alone…who knew chicks could have those? Not me…

I put neosporin on it but the chick is standing up way tall and is kinda lethargic. I tried to separate her from the others because they want to peck at her but she’d have none of it and jumped repeatedly out of the smaller box I put her in. I only have one heat lamp but the brooder is big enough I can set a smaller box inside to keep her warm, watered, and fed, along with one buddy for company, but she kept jumping out…so I left her alone but shoo the others away if they get to pecking. But this chicken-watch stuff is already stressing. I hope I didn’t accidentally just give this chick a death sentence.


So what were your search terms… I dont plan on searching it myself. but just curious how odd it got.


I also have one chick that will not be quiet and keeps crying, loudly. Nothing appears wrong with it…it eats and sleeps like the rest (although it sleep-screams), and no butt issues and the heating situation is fine. I guess it just wants its momma.

Day 2 Video:

The chick with the umbilical cord issue is the striped one that’s eating. It finally perked up a little bit. I added more neosporin on the bump/wound/belly button. I decided to name that one Poad, because the stripy-spotty pattern reminded me of Windstone Edition sculptures, of which there is an invented creature called a Poad that looks like this:

Still very worried about that one since there seems to be a lot of raw redness and a little bit of blood at the belly button.

The one that won’t be quiet I’m calling Chirpy for the moment, and the almost all-black one in the sleeping yellow pile I’m calling Pikipek, because it’s the one that has to peck everything. I haven’t named any other ones yet and I won’t be able to name the Brahmas since they are all pretty much yellow throughout and I can’t tell the diff. between them. The Easter Eggers though are all unique looking.


Just Pasty Butt. Although I’ve been looking up a mix of that and umbilical cords now. I even saw a video in my searches where some students someplace hatched a chick from a shell-less egg in a glass! YouTube man…



My friend Jill named her chickens Nugget, Tenders, wings, etc. :D



this now makes me happy when i cracked an egg with a red vein in it, i gave it to my dog.


[quote=“Shunty, post:4, topic:108580”]
But they need to be at the top of the pecking order.
[/quote]That was a bad pun. You should feel bad!