You know I was wondering if you could take doodle request? I was thinking how it’d be funny if there was a doodle in regards to using play on words as a theme from Halo: combat EVOLVED :slight_smile: maybe master chief getting in over his head standing in the shadow of Goliath! Or maybe they’re fighting together! @SledgePainter


Flood Monsters. Enough said.


Grunt monsters ftw


Okay, to tell you the truth, I don’t play Halo. I hate it. But I like the concept of the Flood, so that’s pretty much all I know.

So to this comment I will respond with: Yes.


I would almost think people would cry out OP? :o


Of course they would. They already do now, Flood Monsters are just the icing on the “OP Bull Crap Cake”.


But what a delicious icing they would make if the flood monsters idea came to fruition


It’s would be nice and disgusting, like a certain parasitic monster…