Sledge is stronger than rock. But only if it is painted!


Thought this was odd:
no rock throw damage

Edit for example 2
Or maybe @SledgePainter is a dirty hacker! :smile:

No Damage Rock Throw

Just as a note of something I have noticed. This only happens when I have level 3 rock throw. At least that I have noticed that is


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updated, but damn that response time. I was editing it when you already posted


Looks fun to be that assault. o.o


Added extra examples


Well duh, you can’t paint on scissors!


I dunno Beers. I replayed it multiple times and it does look like the rock should have for sure hit me. There’s nothing in the way of the rock it could clip on. I’m just awesome I guess! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Don’t guess. You are!


Congratulations Sledge, just that awesome. ^.-