Sledge and Takran Monstering


I felt the need to mark this post for posterity, because it’s such a rare event for me, to win as a monster, and even more so against a communicating, coordinated team, using Goliath. Call it a fluke if you will, but I’ll take it!

Sledge match (observer mode): 2:08:45

Wow, I don’t know what to say…I’d like to thank the academy of Turtle Rock Studios, the development team for making such an epic game like Evolve, @ScornfulEpex for monstering perk advice, @Whtboii for monstering feed route advice, @MaddCow for his Coaching with Cow series, Daisy for being generally awesome and deciding not to go against me this round, and of course the hunters I went against for probably making some mistakes which I took advantage of for the win…this win wouldn’t have been possible without you. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: You were all the greatest!

Please also check out Tak’s match! Ripped us a new one as Gorgon!
@Takran match (Hunter perspective): 1:45:49


Glad i was streaming the game so you could catch the win for yourself :smiley:


Proud to be one of the coaches :muscle:


Yes yes Join the dark side @SledgePainter