Slappy's Official Skin Showcase Thread


What’s up guys,
Im the guy who is gonna inform you and show you everything about the skins in Evolve. If my videos help your decision of buying a skin leave a like or maybe even sub. With my videos i just wanna spread TurtleRock’s amazing work on those skins.
Got all Monster Elite-skins already and hunters coming soon.
Check this playlist out:


Btw tune in tomorrow for all Kraken skins
Sunday all Wraith Skins
And then ill start the next week with the Hunter-skins


I’m pleased to see this!



Nice! So which one is your fav?


Probably Bog or the Elite skins, i always liked skins who make the monster look completely different. I mean a white Goliath looks freakin awesome. You guys did an amazing job with the Elite skins


Guys i just uploaded all the Kraken skins so check it out
Bog Kraken looks rly great


What’s up guys, on Thursday i will upload all Wraith skins and a couple elite hunter skins so visit my channel on Thursday

And im sry for not uploading the last couple days, i got reset to lvl 1 from 37. I lost all my mastery progress and my elite skins, so i have to gring them again. But i appreciate all the support you guys give me and im happy if i can help you with my videos


I ended up buying the two medic skins and one of the assault skins (the blue one). Pretty sure I’m going to buy the bog skin as well for the monster. Looking so cool lol.