"Sky Wraith"?


So I just played a match against wraith where she would constantly triple dash straight up into the sky and just hang there for awhile, I assume while aiming a warpblast or abduction. This guy would just do this over and over the entire match. We never really stood a chance since we could barely hit a small target like wraith that was so high only coming down to warp blast us to pieces and just go right back up again. Im not sure if this is what people used to refer to as “sky wraith” or not but it definitely seemed like an exploit to me. Is “sky wraith” even still a thing? I thought the devs did something to stop people from doing that shortly after the game was released, but I may be mistaken. Has anyone else seen this lately?


Yes, this is still a thing. But it’s quite easily countered to be honest- a Sky Wraith playing like that is easily outhealed by even Slim or Val. Can just chip away at its health.


Pretty much. This, as many other Wraith playstyles boil down to a 20 minute+ time out game.

Next time you fight this just go into the game with the mindset to only wear down the time as much as possible. Chase, dome, waste her time and only expect a proper fight at the relay at 20+ minutes. In that and prior dome fights it pretty much comes down to breaking line of sight or dodging those long range abducts so you wont get picked off. Fighting this is tedious without the proper setup like for example a Hank with his accurate Laser Cutter.


Always save a bit of jetpack fuel. Sky wraith is powerful, because if they abduct you into the sky you are difficult to heal, and they can hit you with a few melees / warp blast / super nova while you fall down. But if you dodge the abductions the whole build falls apart. And sky wraith can’t do much indoors.


If on maps that can fight near caves or low ceiling areas to make sky wraith useless and basically make that build as usefull as a potato cause honestly most wraiths suck and resort to honestly exploit tactics in my opinion


It’s a fun build, but it’s not exactly the best. You would do better using a sky Wraith playstyle when dodging, and use an ambush Wraith to fight. Sit around corners, and take someone out. Or you could even play the Wraith like a fighter, and split the team up in combat; then you can kill them pretty easily. Like Rose said, Sky Wraith is pretty easy to heal against. She doesn’t hold pressure well.


When a wraith sky lingers I don’t see how that’s bad. It puts her in the open… If your playing with a mouse you shouldn’t be missing enough to complain… It is a negative outcome for the monster in almost all situations.


You misunderstand, i wasnt really complaining about it, really more just wondering if that i what people used to refer to as sky wraith. i had never seen that before even after my 150+ hours. Honestly it was more fun than the wraiths that just run til stage three that i see the most. id take a sky wraith over that every time. I was also on ps4 at the time so no mouse. (I do play pc as well though)


Ahh my bad. Came across someone demanding wraith be nerfed because she can traverse in the air last night… ugh…


Its cool. After re-reading my OP I can see how it could be taken for complaining though that’s not how I meant it to sound. Sometimes I dont express myself as well as I think I do…


Nah, you were fine. It’s just that the forumites here are accustommed to INCESSANT WHINING ABOUT EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN BECAUSE THIS AND THAT AND WDSVWLCDQNSfbpwjc



easy counter.



Oh lord.

Sunny + Hyde




dont tell anyone