Sky Wraith / Tumbledore Build: Strategy Guide & Video


I wrote up a detailed guide and put it on Reddit, check it out! It’s the first link below.

PSN: MrJagermeister


Moved you to Community Content, awesome SkyWraith video man :wink:


Thanks! It’s really the strategy write-up that I’m trying to show people, though. I just included the video to give them a taste of what I’m pushing. =D


Yeah, tbh you’re the first skywraith video I’ve seen on here so far so I really enjoyed the video! Really cool seeing wraith played this way!


Nice video, your good with wraith unlike me. :grinning:


Nice video, mate. :slight_smile:


I just read the whole guide and then I realized you are playing on PS4. It’s easier to play against hunters on Ps4 than PC so this tactic isn’t that great at all. -.- mouse is just more accurate.


@Megamouth, Console wars aside, give it a try? I’m not sure why a mouse being more accurate or PC players being “better” is relevant.

The playstyle is about being hyper-aggressive and juggling the hunters into combos. What they use to fire really has no bearing on your ability to do so. The “Sky” part is really a red herring, you’re just lining up your next target.


I know you can dodge warp blast, but can you dodge abduct? That team didn’t dodge much or deal damage, so they got rolled. I liked that abduct through the toxic cloud on the medic. Very seamless game play on your part.