Sky Val!? bug is fly


Come at me behemoth.

This happened on five different occasions. With it happening to our trapper, me and a party member reconnected to another server and oddly it happened to me as well but instead of falling through the map I got stuck in the sky and was for the most part free to move wherever an invisible wall allowed me. I tried going Idle as this has been known to fix some bugs but it didnt work, instead it made me fall through the map and unable to heal my teammates and also not able to die.

Some pictures of the weird indecency.


Yea this can be replicated over and over very easily aswell, good fun


Seen it more than once, only on the Foundry. It’s a strange one :smiley_cat:


Happened to a bucket I played with yesterday but until then I’d only seen this with medics way more often than it should lol
Edit only happens on foundry in my experience


there r already many threads about this bug Got stuck after dropship :point_up:


Happened to me once as Maggie on that map, I dropped from the ship and landed mid-air. Was somehow able to fall down after a few tries.


wat skin is tht


This has been logged back in April & is currently being updated with all the information everyone has been supplying us! Thank you for the info. The original post is here: