Skirting - Should it be taken out?


I heavily dislike that dodging style although I often cannot help and do it myself, but in reality it should be removed or the monster should never have a problem getting up in the first place. Maps like orbital drill are just a pain to play as a monster because this map is skirting heaven. I doubt there is a singular dome possible with less than 10 skirting spots.

Is this completely working as intended or was just the best functional movement system you had @macman ?


I have no idea what you’re talking about.


It is going up/down a cliff. It basically costs no fuel and most monsters are forced into only suboptimal decisions.

E.g. you are singling out the medic. He starts doing that and unfortunately it takes hours to finally down him if he does it and while you are mostly fighting movement their team can unload easily on you.


Skirting is, from what I understand, a VERY cheesy way of preventing the monsters from doing damage to you. Monsters are, for the most part, bad at hitting people when they climb up a surface. It works especially well against Goliath.

Just a cheap, but effective tactic in general that kind of ruins the combat aspect for the monster. ( And then hunters wonder why monsters prefer to flee to stage 3 than to fight on the way there )


Sounds legit.


Keep in mind the same Monsters who call it cheesy are the ones playing Snooze-Wraith and the ones stunlocking Hunters to the best of their ability. “If it looks stupid, but it works, it’s not stupid”. Simply put, if a Monster fails to be able to deal with a certain tactic that allows Hunters to avoid damage, blame is on the Monster player, not the Hunters.


I don’t think skirting is op because if you accidentally get caught as stage 1 it’s your only hope to survive but if you do it as stage 2 or 3 you get punished because they have time to put down traps or if you have Cabot with dust tagging he can put it down and you can make interesting team strategies like everyone come from one side except assault so the monster will go to the assaslt and the assault will go ham and maybe there will be mines or gas. Remember they had skirting designed as part of the game.


The only correction I’d make is it DOES cost fuel (if they have any.)
If they don’t have fuel they climb much slower.
Yeah it is still annoying but just wanted to make a correction


I thought you were talking about when the monster hides from the hunter not vice versa. Nvm


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As a monster I cannot stand this tactic. For Kraken and wraith it is not a problem, for goliath it can become extremely annoying. I don’t know how it’d be fixed besides preventing the magical out of fuel climb anyway.


I thought a lvl 3 rock throw solves this problem.


But I still think skirting is not an annoying tactic because a well timed leap smash or after shock can send them flying and anyway a monster can climb up and down much faster than a person. So go to the top and you only need one separated person to kill and the team will come to revive him/her/it.


It isn’t op, you’re right. I just said it is an annoying tactic.


There you go


no otherway it will get even more tunnelvision the healer


Why the hell would Wraith players call it cheesy? It doesn’t work against Wraith. It’s best against Goliath.


Caira is a massive violator of this but then again I think hunters have every right to use the game mechanics implemented to try and survive. If you are playing Goliath 9/10 you just need to look up and throw a punch to disable them.


Doesn’t work well against Wraith??? Wraith has the biggest issue of all Monsters with vertical distance!


No matter how people put it, I have a feeling skirting isn’t an intended feature/tactic. Just like it probably isn’t intended for Wraith to get out of a dome super easily-- viable tactic too, right? Incredibly annoying for the receiving end.

Same goes to Skirting. It works, but it’s not fun to play against.