Skirmish(Hunt) loading other game modes


The last two days many matchmaking games have been loading other games suh as rescue or defend. I am currently playing in a rescue one. How is this happening? Is it now random? Can I control it?


Yes. You can skip map before it loads. I think it does that every so often to keep things fresh after a while but if you do not like it you can skip and it goes back to hunt and by skip I mean there is a “vote to skip” button available.


Is there a way to change it from hunt to defend? Will skipping do that?


I wish skirmish had all the game modes in it


I disagree.

I wish skirmish would only play Hunt, sometimes people just don’t pay attention what next map is going to be and we get a mode that isn’t hunt and people start leaving.


Well, yeah if it says hunt it should be hunt.


lmfao why?


At least add something to skirmish mode at least


This is really pissing me off, if I wanted to play the other game modes I’d do evacuation. When I queue for hunt, I want to play hunt.