Skirmish game (Random)


Most of the time I feel like I don’t want to commit for a total of five games in evacuation mode… so I end up playing a single hunt game.

Why can’t we look for skirmish matches with random gamemode? Players could even vote wether or not to have a wheel spinned to determine a map effect.


(Also I’d like to advertise my arena gamemode with cycling hunters. Fight a lvl 3 monster in a smaller map, each time you die you have to play as another hunter)


Wow. Not even a haters resppnse? Seriously, I want to play the other modes, but I don’t want to have to play 5 games for it -.-


Yeah, I’m with you man. I too would love to play the other game modes separately from Evac.


Actually, we might just see that dream come true with ranked play being introduced. It could be fun to just play a random round of Rescue from time to time :smile:


Or Defend. * drools *


I’m on PS4 and I’ve gotten Nest, Rescue and even Defend whilst playing Skirmish


I have got Nest several times on Skrimish HUNT !


I’ve had this happen once too. It’s most likely a bug


Yeah it’s a bug which they are working on removing.


If it’s a bug it’s a good one I enjoy playing multiple modes at random