Skip the into


Do we have to play the intro again or can we skip it when we already now how it works?


You mean the tutorial?
If so I don’t believe so. I’ll be back in 10 to confirm or deny


I don’t know, but the intro takes like 5 minutes to do, so it’s not exactly a crippling slog :stuck_out_tongue: Plus, it’s an opportunity to get a head-start with them fancy badge icons.


Yeah the tutorial i want to play evolve straight away not playing the tutorial which i dont need because i remember the mechanics


I am pretty sure you should be able to escape out of the tutorial and just go straight into the game. At least, I was able to do this with the press build.


Well 5 minutes i can survive :slight_smile:


Yeah, you could do that in the Beta too. Only thing with that is that it will keep coming up every time you launch the game until you complete the tutorial. So really, you may as well just get it out of the way.


hit option to get tutorial out of the way.