Skins won't apply to tier 4,5 etc characters?

Few days ago I bought 3 new skin sets - Night set for Medics, Trappers and Assault. (I thought trapper night skin would look sick on Crow and Jackal since they both got green glowing glasses/mask) BUT when I got home I find out the this skins won’t apply to any 4,5 tear characters. This skins are supported by firs/original set of hunters. Are there any plans to adopt this skins to 4-5 tear hunters? I think it’s a bit strange that I bought a skin while crow and lennox are already out and I didn’t see list of characters it will and won’t support. Anyway, i bought this skins to support the game and was a bit disappointing that Medic set doesnt apply on Slim for example… Would like you guys to fix it. :unamused:

Sadly, the skin packs don’t include Tier 4 or 5. Only the original 3 tiers. Sorry ;W;


I think they’ve already said that the skin packs won’t contain the DLC characters and that only individual skins would be released if any. I think the whole point of this is so that people who haven’t bought the DLCs don’t have to pay extra for skins for the content that they chose not to get.

Do you think they ever will? They could add an update to all skin packs which gives the owner of said skin packs the skins for the new released tiers?

I’m not actually too sure. I mean I don’t think it’d be wise to put tier 4 and 5 in a skin pack with t 1-3 because they’re DLC. Meaning that people could be paying for something that they’re not gonna make use of so it’s slightly a waste of money. Though maybe they could make seperate packs with t 4-5 in or sell them seperately, but I don’t think they will. :s

I wish they would, but from what’s been happening, nah. Not for awhile, if ever?
Selling DLC for DLC and all…
Basically skins for the new ones will be obtained in community events, or challenges. Don’t expect the previous packs to have any skins for the new hunters. Especially Jack, since he’s just coming out. Lennox is the same.

Does anyone know if we’re going to be getting jack’s victory skin too if we bought the pass, like with lennox?

We should. I believe they’re giving all of the tier 5?
Lennox came with it, so I believe Jack will as well.

Kinda doesnt make sense. It’s called Night Trapper Skins - Crow is a trapper right? And I believe this skin pack was out after tear 4 was released. In any case - victory skin pack covers all 5 tears, when night skin covers 1-3? huh? Oh well, now I know better and in the future won’t buy any skins then - will wait for skin-give-away weekends.

But then people who bought DLC, won’t have a chance to enjoy consistent skins with they new characters. Like me - I bought all DLCs and I really like Night skins. I’m ok paying extra few $ so I could enjoy my fav skin. But dang - give me this option.

I don’t buy hunter packs either, for myself anyways. I’ve gifted several, but that’s not what I mean. I main Crow, and since there aren’t any trapper skins for him (bar the ones I have), I feel no need to spend money on 3 trappers I don’t often play. I play Maggie occasionally, so I bought her victory skin alone.

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Yeah I guess u r right. Thx for the advice.

i just want the nighthunter on sunny BibleThump


And slim… and crow… and lennax…

I also want her metal arm on her left to take skins. So damned jarring to have bright yellow with a skin, right there on all of her equipment. o.O

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If you bought the Season Pass 2, you will get a free exclusive skin for Jack, as well as the T5 Medic, Support and Monster. I’d wager that it is indeed Victory, but it might not be.

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I don’t even like victory skin. I want night skin - the one I actually paid $$$ for lmao and the one I actually like. Smh lol

It would have been nice though as an incentive and a thank you for purchasing t4/5 to include them in the skin bundle at no extra charge. It would boost sales on both skins and characters

Not only boost sales but also support and respect of ppl who love the game and care for it and it’s future willingly spend more knowing that company doesn’t just milk everyone every single $