Skins too expensive?


So I have been watching videos of Stage 2, and I see that the Monster and Maneater body skins cost as much as an entire character. The Monster skins (From the ones I have seen) cost at least 5,500 keys. The Maneater body skins cost 6,200 keys. I think that is too expensive for just a skin. Maybe make the body skins around 4,000-5,000 keys and the Monster skins around 2,000 keys.


I think it works. The longer it takes to unlock everything the better in my opinion.


It’s just skins, it’s a waste of keys to buy skins early on, unlock the characters you want first.

If it was on me, skins wouldn’t even be available for silver keys, but real money/events and founders.


But a lot of people will start complaining about a skin costing more than a character.

@Kobi_Blade But what about the Founders who did not buy any skins? Or the completionists?


They’re founders, they have the right to the content for free due to the current changes.

As for completionists, what about them? They probably the ones who would give more money to the developers.


Be glad that they are free now. tbh if everything was cheap there would be no incentive to grind keys. and no incentive = not wanting to play the game.


I am glad, but have to grind 6,000 keys just for a skin is too much imo. If I wasn’t a founder, I’d rather grind 6k for a character.


Then grind for a character. don’t forget that skins add nothing to the gameplay but cosmetic, and that every single character in the game has two free skins by just leveling up (hunters get weapon skins at level 20 and body skins at 40, monsters get two body skins at 20 and 40).


But grinding 5,500-6,200 keys for just ONE skin is too much. If it was three skins, I would understand. But just one? No. Maybe the Bog, Wendigo, White Tiger, and Jade skins because those can help camouflage you.


Wouldn’t count too much on the camouflage perspective of skins, having armor makes your monster glow.
The best camouflage in the game is getting lucky and finding a big-ass bush you can fit in.


I was just looking at the store prices too. yeah Monster skin price = to the price fo a chracter unlock doesn’t seem right/too expensive. Maybe TRS will look at the Store Prices?


But you earn keys really fast. I already have 12,000 just by playing 15 games, with the 3,000 founder bonus.

By 50 or so games you should have enough for a character, a skin, and to buy some perks.