Skins on hunters are too inconspicuous/bad - Skins on Monsters are amazing - Please make it amazing for hunters too


I really like most of the skins in the shop but why I dont buy them?
Here is the reason:

  • For monsters the skins looks amazing, the skins are over the complete
    body of the monsters.

  • For hunters the skins looks really bad. Even sometimes I cant see that my team member have equip one. The skins on hunters are so inconspicuous. At least Maggie have Daisy and there you can see the skins but there are a lot of other hunters where the skins are not worth at the time. Please make for hunters a complete body skin too. Like the monsters.

I really want to buy skins, please make it nice for the hunters too. I dont want to buy a monster skin.


I’m alright with them as they are. From a 1st person standpoint, you can really only see your gun. The skins are more for me than they are for anyone else. I think time would be better spent elsewhere. That being said, if there was a plan to do this already, I wouldn’t be opposed to it.

Also, I’m not sure this is the correct category for this thread. Might want to move this over to Suggestions. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I can see it but the whole point of customization is that other people can see your amazing skins.

Its same in real ife. You buy nice clothes or other stuff to be cool, so that other people look at you and think “ohh nice man this I need too”. Or you going to a wedding with normal clothes like t-shirt too?

The whole point of customization is that you are be different to other people and they can see that. You want to show your cool stuff. Look at games like: “Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare” you have so many outfits and when you see new stuff at some people its really cool and you think: “I want this too”. Plants vs Zombies wouldnt never have so much success when they only do it on your screen for only yourself.


I see the merit in this, but I personally do not agree that this is a necessary fix. :confused: And that isn’t the best of analogies. PvZ is a third person shooter, just like playing as the Monster in this game. More customization looks better from that point of view.

Like I said, if they were going to do this, more power to ya, but I won’t be heartbroken if they don’t. To me, more maps/modes >>> full Hunter skins.

I admit it felt a little strange to have just the weapon skins at first, but I’ve gotten used to it by now.

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MajorLeeHyper once told me that it would take months just to create on full body retexture. So I doubt it’ll happen. :stuck_out_tongue: It’d be cool, I guess, but I doubt it’ll happen.

Personally I don’t really care- the skins make my weapons look nice and improve my game, that’s enough for me- but I do understand that some people like it when others can see their cool stuff too. :stuck_out_tongue:


Full-body skins would also probably be more expensive. :open_mouth: I’d rather have a cheap skin that only really has an effect on me anyways.

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But you have to agree that monster skins are much more amazing than hunter skins. Only have a look at them :wink:

Of course you are be right its much more important to get new game modes or maps. But maybe its not that much work to edit those skins to have a complete body skin on hunter as well. Its only a suggestion and I would be happy. I am not hearbroken too when it not comes but when they want to sell skins to me. They have do edit them for now its for me not worth.


I don’t care either way. Weapon skins are fine with me.


Well I do agree with that. Monster skins >>> Hunter skins. But the Monster is the center of attention too.


I am programmer as well. I can tell you when you use a engine like cry engine you can easy change the assets for for some things. Of course its not in 10 minutes done but little color/structure changes are under 2 days possible. Maybe they dont want do this and they use the time as excuse.


Perhaps, but I’d prefer not to call them out as liars. :slight_smile: Perhaps they have other things to do, perhaps those individuals are hard at work on Tier 6, etc. Can’t know for sure that they are fully capable of doing it.


I dont say that he is a liars. Maybe they use a different style do make her models/assets, so maybe its true for Evolve that it takes 1 month.

I only said how it is basically when you go the main stream way.


I know. I was not insinuating that you were calling them liars or anything along those lines, merely making a response. :stuck_out_tongue:

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In my voice chat party there are a lot of people who wish that too. And when I am asking them why they dont buy skins for hunters they always reply: “Its too inconspicuous”.

I’m surprised that here in the forum no one cares about the hunter skins.


I’m a realist not an idealist :grin: :+1:


Besides, they are supposed to stay the colors they are. TRS has stated they’d rather not change the hunters’ colors.

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Well this game is hunter favored so I doubt it’ll be long before they do as you please lol


Wow, shots fired. :flushed:

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I wasn’t meaning it in a bad way. It’s true that this game is favoring the hunters and has for a long time, but I didn’t mean it in an aggressive manner :slight_smile:


I know, man, I got what you meant. I countered with sarcasm but it wasn’t very effective apparently. :sweat_smile:

Hence the lol on the end of your quote. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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