Skins non-transferable between family steam accounts?


I use family sharing steam feature. So far I was able to access Evolve and all DLC I buy on my main account on all of those family accounts. Today however I purchased all skins for Gorgon and … I cannot see them on another account. Is this intentional or a bug ?
I am very disappointed as I actually bought them to use on alternative account, just preferred to have all DLC purchases in “one place”. 10 EUR is gone and I have no effect I expected :disappointed:

any hope ?


Did you purchase using steam? or using your My2K account?
Because, its bound to that account.


Skins purchased through the store (if bought on the main account i.e the one sharing it’s content) should be shared to all accounts that are being connected to the main account.

For example:

A (main account) buys content and shares it with B (family account). The skin is then shared between the two accounts however if B buys content it would not share with A. Same goes if there were more in the chain; A shares with B, C, D, E, and so on but B, C, D, E do not share with each other nor do they share with A.


Only DLC purchased through Steam will transfer with family sharing.

Skins or characters purchased in the 2K store are bound to your My2K account and as such will not copy over to your alt Steam account.


I love sharing my games with my “family” :wink:


Yeah, I just noticed these skins are not identified at all in my Steam library - I understand that was 2K store bound purchase. Arrrghhh… And I intentionally switched to main account just to make this purchase! … sighs
I will try to ask 2K to move skins between accounts, perhaps they agree … somehow.