Skins missing from the store?



It seems apparent that there are sets of skins not showing up in the store for purchase. Some examples would be any of the following:

  • Support Night Hunter skins
  • Victory skins
  • Assault Sword skins
  • Exterminator skins
  • Support Tempest skins

There are also some skins that are present for some characters but not for others like the Blood Eagle skin which can be bought for Abe but not for Griffin, or the Valkyrie skin which can be bought for Laz but not for Val or Caira, some of the night hunter skins, and any of the purchaseable skins for characters past tier 3. It also seems like the store is very disorganized, at least for hunter weapon skins.

There are also monster skins missing and they include:

  • Carnivore skins
  • The Goliath Tiger, White Tiger, Red Panda and Digital Camo skins
  • Kraken Calypso, Man-O-War and Savage skins
  • Wraith Hornet, Clownfish, Jellyfish, Savage and Tropical skins
  • Behemoth Amethyst, Glacial, Jade, Moonstone and Sandstone skins.
  • Gorgon Scarlet skin

Why aren’t these available? I would like to buy some of these skins again, but that has become impossible since the update. I would also like to know if they will become purchaseable again or not.


im more curious as to how i managed to get a few monster Event skins in Stage 2 that i DIDNT have in Legacy Evolve because i didnt get to participate in said events, such as the last challenge Earth Day for Wraith to get the Wraith Orca Skin…somehow i have it, but i never did the event, ive got a couple other Event skins oddly

im not sure if its because im a Founders Status guy but i didnt see those specific skins listed as part of the benefits

i just hope in time at least Founders get ALL prior event skins, but preferably i want all prior skins to be available for everyone at some eventual point…they say all previous content is in the game…makes me wonder if all these “missing” skins are merely randomized rewards, i got the Platinum Goliath skin just for logging in today

its kinda weird Founders got 4 Gold Skins but NOT the Goliath…its odd to just get 4 of the 5 and bums me out a bit cus i only ever had the Gorgon one previously…hopefully i can get the Goliath one eventually

as for the “missing” skins, im curious to know also, hopefully someone can find some answers

oh 1 other thing: i didnt get Silver Keys for the Tutorial maps cus for some reason i had to re-unlock Markov and Goliath so it awarded me that instead…even though i had them both in Legacy Evolve…as with all the other Monsters and Hunters


Because TRS loves you. :heart:


well i never doubted that <3


The Goliath gold skin was only ever given out once and won’t be given out again. Elite skins will need to be re-earned but you should have everything else!


well thats a bummer for Goliath…i guess i cant complete my collection then, at least the Prime skin is half-Gold

and as for “everything else” i dont have all the other Event skins like Bloodrock Behemoth or Poison Frog Goliath among many others…are those coming as future Founders content perhaps?


They might come in future challenges, I can’t say for sure since I have them. My assumption would be yes, they’ll be coming for anyone to unlock.


i guess we will see…

its still sad about Goliath though…i didnt get to play in that event cus i got horribly sick for like 5 days right before that event started, Steam also didnt do a good job of announcin what the event actually was “play for gold” wasnt that clear especially with Steam’s habit of having random news articles on game sites for usually trivial matters making it hard to see whether its news of an event or some pointless thing without clicking and reading and i generally dont like waste time

but i was so sick i didnt have the energy to play anyway

but i know TRS doesnt owe me the skin, i just think its kinda silly to give 4 of the 5 but leave poor Goliath out in the rain, but eh…its not their fault i got sick that weekend

if they ever feel like givin it out again ill be more than happy but im not expecting that to happen


This post makes me wish we could trade in-game skins…


wait wait wait wait, this is evolve stage 2, not evolve fortress 2 Kappa



Off topic: Haha, that’s funny. The translator icon pops up but it can’t translate.


Not all of the skins are showing up in the store at the same time. Skins will continue to show up in the in game store every week!

We will also have new skins to be given away for community events!