Skins, level with us devs


Ok, we all know we get savage goliath skin as part of the pre order for free, and we’ve seen the elite skins, and I’ve heard talk of a few buyables. But devs, honestly, how many of the character skins for each character can we unlock in game? One of the biggest complaints we seem to get it that all the little things for games seem to be dlc only. It would be nice to have most of the skins as simple unlockables.


Wait until feb 10/13 and see for yourself :slight_smile: They can’t spoil evrything, what’s the fun in that.


I’m not asking for specific skins to be unveiled, just that for those of us who are cheap can unlock a few in game :stuck_out_tongue:


There will be plenty of uncheckables, no need to worry there. We don’t know any specific number, but we’ve already glimpsed the progression system, and know there will be some non pro-order/downloadable skin lines for all characters.


Thank you, that’s ALL I wanted to know. I like to be nostalgic for the days of game rewards and cheat codes


You can also unlock badges :slight_smile:


This i did not know


This is one of the reasons I’m pumped for evolve. The progression system reminds me a lot of old school games. There are unlockable characters, skins, badges, upgrades, perks, and other such things for each character. It rules.


I know right? It’s a new concept game, but the actual mechanics feel so retro


Which mechanic?


With earning things. Yes I’m a bad person with words.


I was picturing a skin that Evolves with us as we level from the title of this thread.

For example in Dota 2 there’s a skin for Pudge that kind of ages the more games you play with it.


…Devs, can we have this? Please? Like a ‘commitment’ skin? Where if we use it for a month solid it changes to something awesome.


So the more you play the more badass the monster looks?

And you already get a skin for playing a lot = elite skin :slight_smile:


Yeah, but the elite skins to me just look like muddy gold. When I thought of the elite skin I expected something like the dragon from Grendle, bright reflective gold


Well they are changing the elite skin so it could still turn out very good.


Very true. WHilst it would understandably almost impossible, it would be cool to somehow have a skin that ‘adapts’ to your playstyle. Like a stealthy monster becomes very sleek.


Or when you sneak you could get more dirt on you? That sounds doable in a patch in the future. :slight_smile:


And contrary wise, a more aggressive and brutish monster becomes far rougher skinned and spinier, dotted with scars


They already get more damage on their skin when they are getting low hp :slight_smile:

Would be harder if you want to keep that ‘progres of your skin’ over more games.