Skins in Evolve


I really love skins in games, be it League of Legends, CS:GO any quite a few others, and Evolve has made the bottom of my list, probably permanently. The skins are definitely rushed without much thought being put in them. I bought a trapper skin bundle, and checked out Griffins first, it was ok, the guns had a new design, which I couldnt even fully check out, moved onto Abes, nice, my dart gun looks much cooler now. Now Maggie, good’ol Maggie. I place down one of her traps and immediately shut my eyes and thought “why did I even bother”

With all the hate going around about this game i’ll most likely end up becoming one of the people who hate on Evolve myself, but for now, I love this game, back to the topic at hand.

The trap itself had NO change whatsoever, no color change, no design change, no nothing, terrible the skins themselves are not worth investing into even if you love this game, which I do, I absolutely love this game but having bought a skin that wasn’t even fully finished is complete BS, i’m not asking for a refund, i’m just warning other people of the quality of skins in this game. Buying a skin in CS:GO makes me feel good, I don’t even have to be in-game to look at my new skin and I feel god damn GOOD about the purchase I just made.

The characters in this game are not even re-colored which is TERRIBLE, I cannot stress how frustrated I am becoming with this game. To sell skins and not have skins that change the look of your character is stupid, simply put, stupid. So there, that is my rant about the skins of Evolve.

Feedback: Complete the skins ffs, and make skins for the CHARACTERS!


Maggie’s skin changes are probably the most notable, as Daisy is reskinned.


Yeah, the skins are entirely not worth it as they are right now.


I ended up buying one of the Trapper skin packs as it looked like it came with an emblem as well (bought it for the chance at an emblem lol)… obviously there was no emblem to come with it which was a slight let down since I rarely play a trapper in the first place. I did notice the same thing tho that the traps had no noticeable change to them when everything else did. Maybe it’s an oversight or a bug?


Even so it’s not a noticeable difference.


Yeah maybe, guess we just have to wait and see. :sob:


no more skins for the hunters i think its not necessary i would like more for the monsters…like have a tricertops look for goliath, a pirate hat for kraken for lols, and maybe a cyclops eye for wraith and for behemoth maybe …hmmm well you guys can decide on that


Why wouldn’t they be necessary? Yeah you’re not looking at the hunter 24/7 but it would be nice for other people to look at. I do agree monster skins would be better though, at least you yourself can look at them.


because you dont see the hunters in the game all the time only in death, but with the monsters you can see the changes and looks and thats why they should focus less on weapon skins and more monster accessories


I havent bought any skins as of yet simply because they are this underwhelming.
The hunters skins are just pathetic. I wasnt aware of the traps themselves lacking the skin tho…thats worse than I thought.

They really do need to alter the colors on the characters themselves. I understand that being first person as a hunter its nice because you can see the change, but I have never once noticed another hunter with an alternate skin. The only thing you can even notice as another player short of stopping to stare is daisy. They seem to have forgotten that people dont only buy skins to change things for themselves, but to show off as well.

As it stands the monsters skins are the only things worthwhile at all, and even then I’d say the green skins are the only good ones. Since they actually have a nice pattern going for them. Tho I havent seen any screenshots of the blue or red skins. I’d really like to find in game shots of those to confirm whether or not they really are as underwhelming as they look.

It’s not as tho changing the hunters colors will effect monster play anyway. I dont know about anyone else, but I have to check the name’s color or see them use something to even know who they are at a glance as it is. And at the risk of looking like an ass…I have a pretty huge TV. If they wanna argue that changing hunter colors is somehow going to have an effect on monster players then thats one hell of a weak argument.


I would also like to pitch in that the skins should be revamped. Something as simple as a Mohawk for Hyde, a hood for laz, a top hat for bucket, or a juggernaut helmet for Parnell would be great (along with a slight color difference too, of course). Adding emblems into the skin pack seems pretty vital too, they are just far too cool not to implement. Patterns a re must too, IMO… This is my only annoyance with evolve as it is…


I like the skins…


I bought the valkyrie skin and like it. I just skipped a meal to pay for it.


You can’t mess with color schemes of hunters. All trappers are green and all medics are blue. While different outfit might be nice, a different color is a no go.


Thanks to Best Buy cancelling my Zelda 3ds and their sale on Xbox Currency I get all the skins for free!


I just think £3.99 for one set of skins is a lot! If it was £3.99 for say all one style of do ns for each class then yeah, and then £1.99 per class…

I won’t spend 3.99 on one set if skins. Maybe steam will to a sale one day!


I very much disagree for reasons I stated in my last post, but going along with this the alternate colors dont even need to be drastic if they seriously wont change them.

Change the yellow on bucket to gold. It still works. Add patterns or armor damage. This can all be done within the context of their established colors if they really dont want to deviate from them.


The issue is the skins are merely recolors, kinda like the very first skins in league of Legends. It’s really quite a shame to see a game that is almost 7 years older started with lame and boring recolor skins which evolved into something cool actually, and Evolve sadly didn’t pay attention to the recent deveolpments when it comes to ingame skins. 7 Years…and they started right at the beginnig like LoL never existed. I am unable to understand how a team with so many competent and creative people on board can make that mistake and the most mind-boggling part is that almost every AAA game that has this kind of business model does that. What’s the deal? Lazyness? Lack of ideas? Don’t care?

As a basic guideline for any developer interested in actually making lots of money with skins, I’d recommend them:
-entirely new color scheme. The current monster recolors are okay, but most of them don’t go well with the red-ish base color of the monster. I think they did that intentionally so the monster is easier to recognize, but it kinda looks meh. Since that doesn’t change…they’re unattractive to me. The bog skins look great, but not with the red base color and no green light effects other than Kraken. Brown instead of the red and green glow effects and some different, more distinct visuals for the abilities…and shut up and take my money! All of it!
-new partcile/visual effects for abilities/weapons that aren’t spitting bullets
-new armor, spikes, features, glow colors for monster (for instance “Lobster Goliath” has no spikes but a lobster-like exoskeleton and pincer claws and lobster whiskers. Minor variation in terms of looks would go a long way.)
-new visuals for monster abilities (for instance “Lobster Goliath” throws seashells instead of rocks and spits bubbles or water instead of fire breath. Give us a change!)
-hunter skins shouldn’t be limited to weapons only since most of the time people won’t notice them anywyay. People also care about how they look for other people, hence why new hunter skins should also give you new clothing options for the character.
-themed skins (assassins, special agents, mercenaries…comedic skins)
-Caira only has one weapon, so the player barely gets anything visually appealing for the money. Besides Caira, of course :wink:
-also please new skins and especially themed skins need new lines of dialogue/sound effects when monster and interaction between hunter/monster or hunter/hunter.
-not sure if they want a more serious approach or don’t mind some comedy…but in case they’re into humor, well I’d sell my firstborn to see “Sir Goliath” running through the jungle, looking classy like a sir with his moustache, top hat, tailcoat, cane and monocle while spitting pocketwatches and hurling giant teacups at…acoustic guitar toting Mariachi Markov, who’s singing in bad Spanglish with his heavy Russian accent, while Zorro Maggie is busy trying to rescue Senorita Daisy, who somehow managed to get lost in her sombrero somewhere behind them. Or picture Baywatch Kraken with diving fins, a floating tire and diving goggles, dodging Beach Party Caira’s water balloons while trying desperately to avoid looking at lifeguard “The Hoff” Abe’s manly chesthair…and of course Kraken’s dropping some orbital rubber ducky barrages on the hunters in the meantime…

I’m confident they’ll give us some skins that are worth our money pretty soon and if they truly want us to throw money (and panties and bras but mostly money) at them, they should stop the recolors immediately and read the stuff posted in this thread. Not just mine. All of it!


From what I understand there are not that many artists on the dev team and when it came down to resources it was decided that putting the limited art resources toward actual content vs recoloring the whole player model was the better way to use the time.

Maybe if they are able to do that later it would be cool. But keep in mind they work with a studio of less than 100 people (if I remember correctly) and part of the reason the game had a smoother launch than most AAA titles is because they allocated the resources to something more important than recoloring skins.


Honestly I agree, the skins kinda suck, they are barely even just re-colors.

Elite skins just change the weapons, and barely that. I don’t know why they didn’t just put the skins in the base game as unlocks, they are not impressive enough to sell well, were ready at time of launch, and it would have made them take less bloody launch heat. Hell it also would have made the game’s DLC MUCH easier to follow/understand for people.

It was all around a terrible decision and poorly executed.