Skins! Get your half-price skins, here! Cheap Characters, too!


All Skins in the in-game store are 50% off, as are most characters. Even the skin packs and season passes are cheap. Worth looking into if you’re short on characters and in the market.

I’ve been loving that the skins are all half price (on Steam, at least), as I usually don’t look at them because I’m broke. However, I happen to have had several trading cards that managed to add up to $1.62 and sold them. All individual Monster skins are $1.50 and individual Hunter skins are $1.

Needless to say, I’m stuck. Slim is my favorite and he’s only got one in the store (and I hate it), but that Scarlet Gorgon looks amazing, and very tempting. I want so many now that they’re cheap, but only have enough monies for one! #firstworldproblems


Picked up the game myself with the season passes. I can see that the playerbase has increased a bunch as well. Sales will do a lot for TRS.


I knew I wasn’t crazy. I’ve been seeing a lot of new players recently. How’s the game treating you so far?


Played on the Ps4 since launch and only recently got the PC. Playing on lowest rez, lowest settings but ~50 fps. Love the game since launch.


THEY’RE ON SALE!?!?! Valkyrie Emet, here I come!


Accidentally clicks on Thread because main page is constantly updating

Reads that things are on sale

Is actually happy because that means new players will show up

Ponders on how long the discount will last…


So the skins work on all the characters now right?


Until January 4th.


Don’t see why they wouldn’t. Have you been having issues?



Not very long but even for about a week long should bring in some fresh mea-… I mean fresh pigeons to teach.

######Somehow that doesn’t seem all that great…


It’s been going for more than a week already. TRS said they were also trying to bring in many new players recently. They never said how, but I doubt this was it. Not the thread for that discussion, though.


I can’t imagine them trying to bring in new players any other way besides sales though…

Advertising a character or content in a “badly reviewed” game doesn’t exactly seem like a plausible method.

Although if TRS starts advertising (near) topless wemon with beers/mountain dew and eating unreasonably large burgers/dorito chips then maybe…

Wraith could be that model… she’ll need a bra though… and a thong… Monster with Armor and Scales is still neked.


Wemon? Sounds like something from pokemon. And yay! 50% off! My credit card is ready.


We’ve had that here. It did not go well. Never again.

Also[quote=“Major_Warrior, post:12, topic:79667”]
heh (EDIT: @Katt Ninja’d me)

In all seriousness, though, one of the devs, MacMan, I think (not tagging anyone because I don’t know), said they were planning something big to bring in a ton of players. Sure, the free weekend got a lot of people, and this price drop snagged a good amount of attention, but only like ~18% more people. If that was it, then I have to say, I’m a little disappointed in the plan. I knew it would be in the Winter Sale.


Wemo-… oh…

I sneezed when I typed that I swear!


Aww, I might miss out on the sale cus my bloody PlayStation broke. I need all night hunter skins and if Valkyrie Emet is a thing I need that.


Anyone know if they’re discounted on the xbox one? :slight_smile:


There is already 1 very similar thread :smile:

@Buckets_Sentry_Gun its up to your decision


Ehh, I think it’s ok. Anything to bring attention to the sales!


Behemoth skins here i come
Edit: Bummer not on xbox one