Skins for Monster adaptations?


I just watched this Video here, does that mean, that every Monster Adaptation gets a skin now?


Yes it does :slight_smile:


This update man. My hype levels in the last 12 hours have skyrocketed.


Don’t I remember you in the past being extremely skeptical and dare I say, slightly against some of the changes in the game? :wink:


What you are looking at is the “Monster Prime” skin, it’s each monsters new elite skin for leveling the Character to 40.

It’s so badass for sure!


I sat here thinking I would hate this update and have no reason to play. Then F2P was announced and I thought “Well shit, that’s the final straw.” But actually reading a lot of the things and watching the announcement and launch videos and seeing everything they’ve done especially how the hell they’re handling all the F2P change stuff?

Nah, TRS holds a special place in my heart as my favorite Developers. No Developers come close to how utterly amazing they are.


I knew you’d come around.


Twas waiting for when I read those words.


Those words have always rang true no matter if they were unspoken.


Okay, super hyped for the adaptation skins as well as full hunter body skins. TRS is so awesome for listening to what we want as silly as skins may be!




Thanks Shredder!!