Skins For All Classes/Characters/Monsters


Skins I would like to see become available for all classes and Hunters are, the Medic Phoenix skins(yes, I know it’s only Medic for obvious reasons ;P), the Support Leviathan skins, the Trapper Blood Eagle/Maneater skins, and the Assault Monarch/Ragnarok skins.
Now, for the Monsters, I will add in my own personal skin idea for a couple, so don’t freak out and go on a Google/forum search spree ;P. For Goliath, I would like to see the Sandstone skin become available for him. For both Goliath and Behemoth, I would like to see an Obsidian skin. If the skins actually changed the entire look and feel of the Monsters, I would like to see a Shipwreck skin for the Kraken. With this skin, the Kraken would have wounds and pieces of debris from it’s victims covering it’s body. I would also like these types of skins to add a bit of hesitation about using. With a Shipwreck skin, the Krakens wounds would allow a very small addition to the damage Hunters will be able to deal, and the pieces of debris would stick out of bushes and around corners to prevent complete stealth; like a piece of a ships mast that is stuck inside the Monster.
If you guys think of better ideas, please, pitch in an let’s give TRS some incredible ideas for future content. Whether it be content for the current Evolve or the next, I hope to see our ideas come to fruition.

Thank you for stopping and reading my post, everyone! Have a fantastic day!
Happy hunting!


I agree with Obsidian skins… I’ve asked for them for a long time, to no avail. : /