Skins discussion


I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but i kinda hope it doesn’t come to this.

I love evolve for its degree of realism, how the wildlife live lives of their own and you can see even the wildlife are related in some way, the environments the ecosystems everything. its so realistic and immersive and i love it.

But when i see a pretty bedazzled goliath running around it kinda spoils it. Yes im referring to the cosmic skins. Dont get me wrong i love the skins and TRS is so creative with them, i adore kraken and wraith with them. The only issue i have is it seems the skins are getting more and more ridiculous compared to the skins first released (Wendigo, Bog, Carnivore, and Magma. May be forgetting one) and now with the clownfish skin for wraith is out, which again looks awesome, but kinda ruins the immersion and makes it seem more cartooney to me.

Id prefer to see more skins that are realistic like the first few were, something that aids in camouflage and just makes you look like the monster you’re meant to be.

i hope this dosent turn into COD and we end up getting a Goliath with pot leaves and dreadlocks hahaha

So what are your guy’s opinions?


I love the outlandish skins myself. Something about being loud and proud as the monster appeals to me greatly.

In fact I am reworking the Wraith smilie I’m making to have the Clown Fish skin!


I feel they’re fine. If most people had their way, we would have rainbows chasing us; and sparkles falling from the sky. Just be happy it’s only colours currently. :stuck_out_tongue:


I love the crazy skins like cosmic! I would hate a COD thing with pot leaves. I hate anything that puts those in thinking its cool.

@Shin You don’t understand how much I would love to see a rainbow behemoth rolling around.


I agree that I would not like to see skins continue down this path… it doesnt bode well.


“I wish the giant flesh-eating monsters looked more realistic!” XD

I get where you are coming from but I think they’re fine, if anything the skin that REALLY breaks immersion is the Voodoo skin. I don’t think the Goliath went and painted bones on his face before going out to feed.


That is very true, although to be honest a disco ball behemoth would be nice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Search ‘Octopus’ on Google Images and tell me purple and other fun colors/designs aren’t realistic. Hell, Cosmic Kraken should come with poison banshee mines or have an ability to create a vision-obscuring cloud of ink.


No… A disco ball hanging from the top of every dome, with lights everywhere. It came up in one of my old dome threads. I still love the idea.

I think it was @SledgePainter actually…


That skin lends to the idea of man made monsters. :open_mouth:


How about a Behemoth Diamond skin then?


I would love a blue ringed octopus skin for Kraken!


Never was a fan of diamonds, but it would look nice on a monster. ^.-


Oh no they look realistic haha i love it so much, but its just odd seeing a pink pretty Goliath with bright blue eyes pounding you into the ground. It’s just kind of odd, i love the skins myself but i hope they’re the only skins like that.


I wouldn’t mind seeing them, but I wouldn’t use them.


I agree it is realistic its just odd y’know? a giant pink lightning cloud of death destruction and despair… with a bright purple face. kraken is a terrifying mother fucker lmao. but with the cosmic skin it looks like he belongs on a dresser of a young japanese girl.

No pun intended


I’ll appreciate just about any skin that they release. If I don’t like it, I won’t be buying it. I’m more annoyed that there aren’t more Behemoth skins and my T4 hunters need a pack or two as well.


I agree with that, the jade and elite skin for behemoth gets old. i want more variety with him haha. and same goes for the T4 hunters, i need me my skins lol


I don’t much mind what the skins look like, as long as the colors/designs aren’t too similar to something we already have.

As for the skins and realism, I don’t care if they are realistic or not. Why does everything have to match the story? Why can’t they break the 4th wall and just be fun?

Though, for a realistic skin, I would like to see a Mammoth Bird Kraken, Tyrant Goliath, Megamouth Behemoth, and Phantom Wraith, based on the wildlife obviously.


It may not be a pot leaves, but it may be a pot of “WEEDS”. xD