Skins cost money?


Do we have to pay for skins like the albino, swamp and corpse eaters? Are they DLC and is the only skin that’s free the elite skin?


The albino, is the elite skin, magma is buyable, atm we do not know about swamp or corpse eaters.


Albino is the elite, we’re not sure for the others if theyre unlocked in game or by dlc

Edit: darn it david, first timezones now response sniping


Ohh ok thanks for the quick responses, I thought we would unlock the skins by challenges and stuff like that. Albino is my favorite anyways so I’m not really bothered by that.


I would not be amazed if corpse eater is one of those.


Yeah corpse eater is from eating 1000 hunter corpses isn’t it?


Nothing until developer confirms it, but for now i think we can assume so.


The skins are available on the Xbox store as of right now. The corpse eater is apparently also been renamed the cannibal skin. Unless i’m just insane. They’re 2-3 dollars per skin. and 7 dollars for a skin pack of 3, (Wendingo for Goliath, Kraken and Wraith for example).


Let the skin collecting commence!



I dont see why people are freaking out all of a sudden.


Forgot about these but the exterminator skins are paid dlc
This video shows some of them


All skins cost money besides the albino.

Skin packs are dlc for 9.35 AUD


Wow only?I would expect 2K to have higher price tags.That’s actually awesome


Considering that cod camo packs cost like 1.29 which is only for the gun and exo I think, this is a great deal