Skins are hints?


With the recent addition of the “Maneater Skin pack” for trappers, it’s a shade of purple with a spider emblem on it.

Since its unusual for trappers to be man eaters, could the skin possibly be a hint towards monster concepts in the future? Is there a “spider inspired” monster in concept for monster 6+? Could other skins be hints too?

Or am I just crazy from eating cooked (yet live?) canyon eels?


I think you’ve been eating too many eels :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait, so this could mean the fifth Monster is potentially a… clownfish?


Says the maddcow that’s following me? :wink: haha


A Clownfish and a Tiger walk into a bar…


Too many canyon eels 11/10 ign


I’m talking more specifically the hunters but nice joke xD


Tigerfish monster confirmed!


Leviathon Monster confirmed!

And Predator!



Tigerclown has a better ring to it :wink:


I’m excited for my Man-Eating Phoenix Leviathan monster


or a wolf with the Ragnarok skins, or maybe a tiger?


A Phoenix inspired monster would be pretty sweet. A “regeneration” style ability


ability to spawn invisible tigers made of sandstone :wink:


That would be awesome, but how would it work?


So Monster confirmed maneatingsavagetigerclownphoneixbloodeaglevoodosavagecosmicpredator did i miss any i wonder what its theme will be?


nordita! :smile: what ever that is


That’s the company they work for


oh thought it was a “Nordic variant or something”


Hey don’t drag me into this.