Skins and its worth


So all the skins we got in the pre order were pretty much color changed skins. I was really disappointed to see League of Legends Season 1 old type skins…Correct me if Im wrong??

I know there is some elite skin thing, but that didnt really answer my question.

I do hope they plan to make good skins…


They aren’t going to change particles, only textures. Maybe if the game picks up hype, they might add some cosmetic-like parts to monsters and hunters. But so far, just recoloring.


What a bummer, you would think that they would make some really cool skins though. Maybe some time down the future i guess


To what I know, their staff is very limited in terms of graphic designers. They are spending their time with tier 5 and 6 characters and improving them, so they can’t do much on other skins.