Skinpacks removed from Steam-Shop


Hey, it looks like a few people less will complain about DLC for over 200 €/$

@LadieAuPair I guess I can thank you for this? Though for some reason, I still dont “own” Emet and Kala, even though I do.

Title Update Marketing [Suggestions]

That’s weird. Maybe contact steam support about it? Does it otherwise appear in-game?


Anything previously purchased on steam is account bound and still there. Just means you cant buy it anymore.

I 100% endorse this.
TBH, In preparation for the summer sale, it should be edited to clearly state. buy the hunting passes, or buy the characters a-la-carte…
Most users will read that as 2 seasons passes + all the characters… without realizing that they’re paying for doubles.


I may have accidently disabled the skin packs while trying to update something else. Fairly positive this is my bad.


Just kidding! I don’t have the power to change what’s in the first party store, only the in game store. Guess 2k did it!


2k should just give them out for free. It’ll help this game’s reputation.


If the skins only showed up in the ingame store, it would make evolves steam page seem a lot less intimidating to newcomers.


What evil plans are brewing I may wonder?
Evolve’s domination of the world perhaps?


Ok, dont change it back. Having the skins evolve-store exclusive is the better option.


Yeah, but it’ll flip the bird to those of us who have bought them.


They can flip the bird all they want if it gets people playing again. Make it all free for all I care.


Nobody is going to play a game that they are not interested in because “hey, all the paid stuff is now free”. But it will make the players who paid for it most likely stop playing.
And free skins in particular are no reason whatsoever to start playing a game (again).

What is important though, is that people dont see a 2xx,xx$ price tag on all the DLC, while that mostly includes stuff that does not affect gameplay at all (seriously though, I barely ever notice my skin other than during the drop/ first eating)


Well the people that are interested in it wont be scared off by the pile of dlc. And the people that are still playing clearly LOVE the game and I doubt this would make them all quit. You’re right that free skins arent a reason to play a game (again) but its one less reason to hate on it.


I think any new skin that was intended to be DLC should be released free.


they have to have income… So no…
They have free skins, that you have to earn. and non-free skins.


I think removing most of the skin from the Store Page on Steam would help out new comers. As they won’t be as intimidated by the shear amounts of cosmetic items.

Keep as many as you guys want in the in-game store though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m also hoping that they do something about the ala carte character and bundle issue.


It would be nice if Steam offered categorization for DLC items. That and the ability to arrange how DLC is presented would be a big help.


It would be great if stream had better categorizing of DLC content on its store page.

it should look like this.

  • Bundles: things like season passes goes here, or in Evolve’s case Hunting Seasons.
  • Cosmetics: skins and remodels.
  • Characters: Look at MOBA system.
  • Items/weapons: (pay to win items go here)
  • Content: Game modes, story modes, maps & mods
  • Misc: Thunder reavers go here,


I’d put cosmetics at the bottom but otherwise, perfect! :thumbsup:


They get income from the game itself, the DLC Hunters and Monsters, and the skins already released. If they HAVE to sell them, then just put them in the .50-$1 range.