SKIN SHOWCASE: CAIRA [Default // Elite // Savior // Valkyrie]


-note- My favorite skin so far will have to be Valkyrie. What’s your?














Default - Savior

Elite - Valkyrie

Add me on Steam if you want to play :wink:
Username: ×_____× Nikki (rank 5 Caira)


I’m more of a game play guy rather than a skins guy - but I have to admit, that Valkyrie skin sure looks sweet.


:smiley: how are you liking it so far?


Admit it, some of you want Hot Pink coloring for your weapons with Hello Kitty Insignia on it. No judgements :wink:


Loving this game. Just a blast to play. Wish there were a few less negative ninnies in the Game (toxic VoIP), but it hasn’t really ruined my experience yet. Thick Skin and all.



:smiley: that will be super awesome. A matching set with my PC!


Yep, I’m loving it so far. I’m okay at medic but when I play other classes I feel like I’m dragging people down :frowning:


Oh don’t leave us hanging now!

The public demands pics of PC rig!


Might have to get Valkryie now I was ognna just go for elite but It looks just too damn nice ON top of being my favorite colour combo


xD for full album:


Elite is a little too dark for me :confused:


Such a shame you must have to play on all low settings! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have everything on max setting :confused: but the game do not support surround 5760x1080…so window mode for now x)



I of course was being facetious - I saw your whole PC build - very sweet.


Really don’t seem to make that much of a difference, sure you can tell but meh, not for the price.


xD I know silly.


Yeah :confused: for the price they should change the model. It would if they offered in-game color pallet too.


Hella badass rig ya got there. Mad respect. Bonus points for the custom paint job :smile:
PC Master Race right there!


Yeah if they changed the outfit of the character they would be worth it.


For sure - what do you think @SledgePainter you going to do your PC next? :smile: