Skin Packs: Where is tier 4?


So I really want some slim skins but as I am looking in the PSN store there aren’t any :frowning: Are they included with the medic packs? Where is tier 4!? lol


The bundles do not come with skins for characters beyond the original 3 tiers unfortunately. Which sucks cuz I’d love a night hunter skin for slim and emet and really just more skins in general for tiers 4 and 5. I appreciate all the work put into adaptations and bringing those to us for free but we should have more options for customizing, especially now that they have the ultimate edition, the “its not worth the cost” argument isn’t very good since most people can now play the dlc characters and would like to have more skins I’m sure


All I ever wanted for my B-day is a night hunter skin for Gobi and Slim :sleepy: :cry: :sob:

P.S… My birthday is june 30th… So you have plenty of time


not gonna lie the way skins seem to be uh… distributed, in a lack of better word and lack of proper english, seems kinda messy to me. i guess some hunters just randomly gets a skin sometimes? not trying to be rude here, i’m just… confused as to how it’s decided in what order they release the skins…

i just rly want maneater skins for slim and crow … honestly any skins for jack, emet, slim or crow would be nice but i mean who wouldn’t want a pink gobi.


night hunter and victor for tier 4 would be boss. only thing id want like a pack deal like the tier 1 exterminator pack since the classes had packs whereas they were excluded. also a night hunter for tier 5 :smiley: (again in tier pack form) please and thanks when time permits


Yeah at the very least every hunter needs the night hunter skins, I think a large majority would agree it’s their favorite skin for whoever!


Personally I have to say that the Valkyrie skin is my favorite, which being as I am always medic it helps.


did someone say pink gobi


I agree, there is not enough skins for DLC hunters. Also, we don’t when there is an update, I would like an ad in the game to know when there is something new.


yasssssssss TRS pls look at how good this looks cmon now… this is what the public wants!!! slims guns look amazing on this too…


that gobi and heal drone is hawt